IWD 2024: MTN targets gender balance by 2030


By Emmanuel AKOMEA

MTN has set a bold target of achieving a 50/50 gender balance by 2030, aiming to enhance diversity and inclusivity in its workforce.

The announcement was made by Abdallah Ibrahim, the Acting Chief Human Resource Officer, during MTN’s 2024 International Women’s Day Celebration in Accra, themed ‘Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress’.

Although the company is currently distant from this goal, Mr. Ibrahim stated their active efforts to narrow the gap by boosting representation for underrepresented groups, particularly women and individuals with disabilities.

To expedite their progress, MTN is implementing more assertive hiring practices, such as prioritising women for interviews and setting specific targets for female hires. They are also investing in internal programmes like Women in Technology (WIT) initiatives to cultivate and advance female leadership within the organisation.

Their objective is to increase female hires by 1.5 percent annually, with the ultimate aim of achieving diversity targets by 2029.

Acknowledging existing challenges, Ibrahim affirmed MTN’s commitment to diversity and inclusion objectives, emphasising the need for collective efforts and continuous exploration of new strategies to achieve these goals.

By remaining dedicated to creating a fairer and more diverse workplace, MTN believes it can make significant strides toward achieving gender balance by 2030.

At the event, Audrey Abakah, Director of SME, Agency Banking and Partnerships at Absa Bank, urged women to embrace opportunities for personal growth and advancement. She underscored the importance of deliberate investment in women and inclusive policies to support their progress in the workplace.

Madam Abakah highlighted the critical role of organisations in creating environments conducive to women’s development and called for the active involvement of men in promoting gender equality at work.

She also advocated tailored programmes and activities to support women’s career advancement, emphasising the vital role of effective policy implementation and the need for male involvement in advancing women’s causes.

“You were created not to be dormant, but to keep moving forward. If you are dormant, you won’t attract good things or the right people to come into your life to elevate you,” she said.

The event also celebrated the graduation of 24 women from Cohort Two of the Women in Technology programme and welcomed new members to Cohort Three.

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