Behind the Wheel: Monica’s inspiring journey with Bolt


As the world commemorates International Women’s Day, we shine a spotlight on Monica Abila, a trailblazer in Ghana’s ride-sharing industry, whose journey with Bolt embodies resilience, determination, empowerment and progress.

Monica’s story is one of transformation and courage. After facing job loss in the banking sector, she saw an opportunity to take control of her destiny. In June 2022, Monica made a bold decision to invest in herself by purchasing a car and venturing ride-sharing with Bolt.

With unwavering determination, she mastered driving within a mere two weeks, equipped herself with the necessary documentation, and officially became part of the Bolt community.

Her journey as a female driver in Ghana has been nothing short of exhilarating. With each ride, Monica not only explores new territories but also breaks through societal stereotypes. The delight on passengers’ faces when they meet her, their first female driver, is a testament to Monica’s impact and representation.

Beyond the thrill of driving, Monica finds fulfilment in the financial independence she gains. Her earnings not only sustain her, but also support her family and fuel her aspirations. She takes pride in being a beacon of inspiration for other women, proving that the ride-sharing industry is inclusive and welcoming to all genders.

Monica’s message to aspiring drivers is clear: seize the opportunity, embrace the journey, and join the Bolt family. Regardless of gender, Monica encourages individuals with a car and a drive for success to embark on this rewarding path. Together, let’s champion inclusion, drive change and pave the way for brighter futures.

On this International Women’s Day, let Monica Abila’s story be a testament to the power of resilience, determination and female empowerment behind the wheel. Join us in celebrating Monica and the countless women who are accelerating progress, driving change and creating a more inclusive world, one ride at a time.

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