Delta pledges smooth travel experience with punctuality focus


By Bernard Yaw ASHIADEY, Atlanta-Georgia

Delta Air Lines has reemphasised its commitment to on-time performance and reliability for travellers flying to and from Ghana with its industry-leading on-time record a point of reference as it focuses on providing a smooth travel experience for its customers in the country.

Speaking to Ghanaian journalists and influencers on a familiarisation tour of Delta Air Lines facilities and centres in Atlanta, Georgia, Rahsaan Johnson, Managing Director, International Corporate Communications at Delta, said that the airline understands the importance of punctuality, especially for business travellers.

He cited Delta’s recognition as the most on-time North American airline for the year, demonstrating its commitment to exceeding expectations for Ghanaian customers.

Data shows that Delta consistently ranks among the top airlines globally for on-time performance. This translates to reduced travel disruptions and greater peace of mind for passengers. “We achieve this through robust planning, proactive maintenance, and a culture of continuous improvement. Our investments in advanced technology and employee training ensure efficient and effective operations, minimising disruptions,” Mr. Johnson explained.

Beyond on-time arrivals, Delta places emphasis on a seamless travel experience throughout the journey, he added. This includes convenient check-in processes, smooth baggage handling and exceptional customer service at all touchpoints. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the travel experience for our Ghanaian customers. This includes investing in digital solutions, streamlining processes at the airport, and providing exceptional customer service at every touchpoint,” he elaborated.

Delta’s commitment to operational excellence extends beyond Ghana. The airline boasts a global network with connections to over 300 destinations worldwide. “This allows Ghanaian travellers to confidently plan their journeys, knowing they can rely on Delta’s reliable service throughout their trip,” he noted.

17 years and counting

This comes as Delta Air Lines will soon mark 18 years of continuous service between Accra and New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Since December 2006, Delta has transported over 1.35 million passengers between the two cities, fostering stronger connections and contributing significantly to Ghana’s economy and community development.

“Ghana holds a special place in Delta’s heart. We are immensely proud of our long-standing partnership with the country, not only connecting people through air travel, but also leaving a positive mark on the ground through our commitment to local communities and social responsibility,” Mr. Johnson said.

The airline employs Ghanaian nationals, ensuring local talent drives its operations. Additionally, Delta’s daily flights between Accra and JFK contribute significantly to Ghana’s tourism industry, a key driver of economic growth and job creation. “Our local team is the backbone of our success in Ghana. Their dedication and passion ensure a seamless travel experience for our customers, while also showcasing Ghanaian hospitality to the world,” he emphasised.

The airline actively supports the community through partnerships with organisations like Breast Care International (BCI) and Junior Achievement Africa. Since 2017, Delta has partnered with BCI, funding vital breast cancer screening services and education programmes for people in rural communities. This partnership has reached over 150,000 individuals, empowering them with knowledge and access to healthcare.

The airline also sponsors Innovation Camps organised by Junior Achievement Africa, providing young Ghanaians with valuable business skills and entrepreneurial training. These camps equip participants with the knowledge and confidence to become future leaders and contribute to the country’s development.

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