Empowerment summit addresses sexual harassment and gender discrimination


By Rafiq Nungor ADAM, Wa

Dr. Rita Udor, Women’s Executive Officer of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) at Simon Diedong Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies (SDD-UBIDS) in Wa, Upper West Region, led an empowerment summit at Hall 3 of the university to address the urgent issues of gender discrimination and sexual harassment.

During the summit, Dr. Udor highlighted the global impact of these issues, calling for the creation of a society that values and respects all individuals equally. “Sexual harassment and gender discrimination are not just women’s issues; they are human rights issues that undermine justice, fairness and equality.”

Dr. Udor stressed that no one, regardless of gender, should endure harassment or discrimination. She emphasised the collective responsibility to establish a world where everyone can live and work without fear or prejudice.

Organised by the Women’s Commission Office of the university, the Empowerment Summit aimed to raise awareness, break the silence surrounding these issues, and advocate for their elimination.

Issaka Hiba, speaking as the Women’s Commissioner of the Students Representative Council, noted the importance of empowering individuals to report instances of harassment. “This programme aims to give people the courage to report whenever they are harassed. Let’s all come together and empower voices to prevent sexual harassment on university campuses,” she said.

University Counsellor Ayamba Iddrisu Abubakari discussed the impact of sexual harassment on mental health and academic achievement, stating the need for awareness and education to address this issue. The summit brought together students, equality advocates and esteemed guests to address the challenges posed by sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Osei-Bonsu, the Regional Technical Coordinator of the Ghana AIDS Commission, advised students to prioritise their studies and safeguard themselves against the high prevalence of AIDS in the nation.

Dr. Udor also highlighted the persistent inequalities in various aspects of life due to gender discrimination, advocating equal opportunities in education and employment. She urged men to join the fight for gender equality, emphasising the importance of open dialogue and inclusivity in society.

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