Speakers at Dreamers Conference inspires youth with stories of resilience and innovation

Chief Encouraging Officer (CEO) of Dream Focus International, Daniel Appiah

By Deborah Asantewaah SARFO

Accomplished speakers from various sectors have underscored the crucial role of resilience in achieving success, urging young individuals to embrace this quality on their journey to fulfilling careers.

The speakers, during the second edition of the Dreamers Conference, organised by Dream Focus International, shared personal anecdotes and insights to underscore the importance of resilience.

Florence Addo-Quaye, Head of Personal Banking at Prudential Bank Limited and one of the speakers at the event, encouraged individuals to bounce back from setbacks, saying that the attitude towards challenge determines success.

“Life is not a straight line. It has ups and down. There are bad times and good times and you need to build resilience to be able bounce back when you are pushed down. Problems and challenges may come so the problem is not really the challenge that comes. It is about your attitude to the problem or the challenge. Your attitude to the challenge will determine whether you will succeed or you remain where you fall,” she noted.

Similarly, Dr. Joseph Ciici Arthur, Financial Controller at Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG), emphasised the importance of persistence in the pursuit of goals, citing the proverb “not everyone who chased the zebra caught it but the one who caught it, chased it”.

The conference held on the theme “innovate to elevate: unleashing the power of experience,” also saw the launch of a book titled “CEO’s Booster Shots” authored by Daniel Appiah, Chief Encouraging Officer (CEO) of Dream Focus International.

Mr. Appiah, urged young entrepreneurs to prioritise innovation and utilise the resources at their disposal to kick start their ventures.

“Start from where you are. Start from what you have and build it up. You don’t need to start with huge amount. You also don’t need to be great to start, rather start to become great later. The first resource available to the human resource, and that is you so start with what you have and propel along the way,” he advised.

Dr. Shina Adefakan, Senior Paediatric Surgeon at the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) advised attendees of the conference to focus skill acquisition over monetary gains, highlighting the importance of staying committed to their dreams.

The event also featured contributions from Professor Patrick Amoateng, Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Ghana and Patrick Baah Abankwa Business Development and Corporate Manager of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.

Commenting on the book, Mr. Appiah explained that “CEO’s Booster Shots” comprises motivational quotes aimed at inspiring readers and guiding them towards success.

Monica Ansaba Kumahor,Director of Education at Ablekuma Central Municipal Education Directorate described the book as a valuable resource for life and leadership, containing 110 motivational quotes to uplift and empower readers.

The conference provided a platform for attendees to gain valuable insights into resilience, innovation and personal development empowering them to navigate their career paths with confidence and determination.

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