Plumbers advise to embrace new technology for customer satisfaction


By Juliet Aguiar DUGBARTEY, Fijai

Plumbers in the country have been advised to embrace new technology to ensure safety and satisfaction of customers.

“The industry has evolved with new ways of deploying safe approach to domestic and industrial plumbing, and that the whole concept about plumbing is when a customer is satisfied” Joshua Nyamavor, Presidents of the Ghana Plumber Association gave the advice.

He explained that plumbing, is a very dynamic profession which is practice differently around the world due to difference in climate and lifestyle; “therefore, it is important for you to be guided by climate and lifestyle with safe practices as well as understanding the principles behind the trade”.

Also, he said “you should be able to know the plumbing codes to be able to get the correct measurement, a good finished work that has a design that go with certain standards”

Mr. Nyamavor was speaking at a workshop organized by DPS Pipes and Plastics Limited in partnership with the Ghana Plumbers Association for plumbers, on ‘Pipe Application’ at Fijai, near Takoradi.

He advised the plumbers to maintain standards, add value to what they do and embrace emerging trends.

For instance, he said “When clients give you their money hard earn money to fix a system for them, they’re expecting to enjoy or get value for their money. But when it takes a short while and the work goes bad, it means they have lost their investment. Follow up work is not exciting, it doesn’t make business sustainable as some client will lose trust in you and then next time, they will be will be asking; will he or she be able to fix this system for me”. It is quiet challenging when you do not have the quality of materials and personnel in the industry.

So, Mr. Nyamavor said, it is important for plumbers to upgrade themselves to be able to address the challenges in the industry.

Again, he advised them keep proper records to attract the needed capital and investment to sustain and expand their businesses.

He therefore encouraged plumbers who have not registered with the association to do so. “if you become a member of the association, it is easy to get the needed assistance from colleagues in other district and region when you have a project there”.

Puneet Gidwani, Director of DPS Pipes and Plastics Limited said the company is focused on solving the problems of plumbers for customers to be satisfied. “DPS is here to get in touch with our plumbers to know their concerns to improve upon services as manufacturers”.

“As manufactures, we focus on problem solving and creating new solution to our customers because, we are constantly in research to improve upon our services for customers with new application”, he said.

Adding, “the workshop will be held for all plumbers across the country to know the new technology in the industry to be able to give the customer the needed satisfaction”.

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