Parliament passes regulations to ensure electrical wiring safety


By Juliet ETEFE

The Energy Commission has announced the approval by Parliament of the Electrical Wiring Cables and Accessories Regulations (L.I.2478), marking a significant move toward ensuring the use of quality materials in electrical installations.

The new regulations, set to be implemented this year, aim to enforce standards approved by the Ghana Standards Authority, mitigating potential hazards such as electrical fires, shocks and equipment failures.

Oscar Amonoo-Neizer, Executive Secretary of the Energy Commission, disclosed this development during the 20th Electrical Wiring Graduation Ceremony held in Accra. The event was themed ‘Ensuring the Safety of Life and Property through the Promotion of Standardised Cables and Accessories’.

The L.I. 2478, passed in the last quarter of the previous year, was a collaborative effort between the Ghana Standards Board and the Energy Commission to standardise prescribed cables and electrical accessories for use in Ghana.

Mr. Amonoo-Neizer explained the importance of encouraging the electricity supply industry to purchase products that meet these standards, boosting local production and participation.

“We are ensuring that all players in the electricity supply industry buy from these standard products and we are encouraging local producers here in Ghana to produce these standardised products to increase local content and local participation. We are encouraging people to not get so much interested in the imported things; let’s promote the locally produced items,” he added

Expressing concerns about outdated electrical wiring installations in various buildings, including state-owned structures, Mr. Amonoo-Neizer, an engineer by profession, highlighted the potential safety hazards posed by such systems. He called for periodic inspections and testing, in line with the Ghana Electrical Wiring Regulations 2011 (L.I.2008), to ensure the integrity of electrical wiring in facilities older than 10 years.

The Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority, Prof. Alex Dodoo, echoed the importance of ensuring the safety of electrical cables, especially with the increasing use of electric vehicles and climate-friendly tools.

He revealed that a significant percentage of imported electrical cable brands on the Ghanaian market were found to be substandard, emphasising the commitment to work with the Energy Commission to address this issue.

“Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), in 2018, revealed that more than 70 percent of imported electrical cable brands on the Ghanaian market were substandard. A review of data from our laboratories indicates that 43 percent of electrical cables tested did not pass the tests.

“This is a cause for concern, and we will continue to partner with the Energy Commission to drive this number toward zero percent. While achieving 100 percent quality cables on the market is not easy, it can be done; and we are all committed to achieving just that,” he added.

In the pursuit of high-quality cables, Prof. Dodoo urged local manufacturers to collaborate with the Ghana Standards Authority and the Energy Commission to maintain the industry’s reputation. Currently, Ghana has six local manufacturers of electrical cables and over 100 official importers.

The ceremony also celebrated the graduation of 195 Certified Electrical Wiring Professionals (CEWPs) in Accra, with Atteh Adamtey and Aditchere Julianna Madey recognised as the best male and female candidates, respectively. The event underscored the commitment to promoting standardised and safe electrical wiring practices in the country.

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