Queen mothers champion increased youth participation in agriculture


By Emmanuel AKOMEA

Queen mothers in agriculture are urging young people to get involved in farming to support the sector’s growth and seize its numerous opportunities.

Recognizing their influential roles in rural development, these women emphasize the importance of youth engagement for food security and sustainable progress.

Nana Afia Darko Bredu I, Kyidomhemma for Suhum, expressed their commitment to supporting youth in farming by offering encouragement and land allocation. They highlight farming as a viable career option and encourage young people to consider it alongside other jobs.

“We are encouraging the youth to fully take part in farming. We are actively engaging with them, offering encouragement, and witnessing a gradual increase in their interest. We are ready to allocate land for farming, so if you require any acreage, please do not hesitate to approach us,” Kyidomhemma for Suhum, Nana Afia Darko Bredu I said.

She spoke on behalf of queen mothers during a press briefing on the 6th edition of Gathering of the Royals in Ghana.

Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, founder and Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, highlights the foundation’s efforts in inspiring and empowering the next generation of farmers through mentorship programs and access to resources. She stresses the importance of providing essential resources to motivated youth to lead effectively in agribusiness.

The 6th edition of the Gathering of the Royals, themed ‘Seeds of Change: Cultivating Gender Equality in Agriculture and Honoring Women’s Advancement,’ will delve into the roles of queen mothers in driving agricultural growth and supporting sustainable women farmers across Ghana’s regions. The event has brought together over 2,973 stakeholders across the agriculture value chain, facilitating initiatives to support farmers and enhance nutrition. Over 300 individuals have benefited from starter packs to establish backyard gardens under the ‘1 household 1 garden’ initiative.

Scheduled for Thursday, February 29, 2023, the sixth Royal Gathering aims to shape policy directions, enhance collaborations among traditional leaders, and promote comprehensive growth in the agricultural sector.

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