Stanbic Bank reiterates dedication to empowering women

Kwamina Asomaning, CE, Stanbic Bank, delivering remarks at the coronation ceremony

Chief Executive of Stanbic Bank Ghana, Kwamina Asomaning, has reaffirmed the bank’s commitment to women’s empowerment through deliberate interventions.

Mr. Asomaning said this at the coronation of Manye Naa Amorkor Shikafutru I and the official launch of the ‘Girl Power Project’ on Saturday, February 24, 2024 at Bukom Square in Jamestown, Accra.

Speaking at the coronation ceremony, the Stanbic Chief Executive emphasised the importance of women in society and the deliberate interventions the bank has put in place to support women.

He said: “The installation of a queen mother is no doubt an important occasion, given the role women play in our societies. As important as they are, however, women still face many challenges at home and professionally. When we set up our Women Forum known as the Blue Fusion at Stanbic Bank, it was to nurture women thought leaders and drive our HeForShe agenda. Manye was a prime candidate in pushing this narrative. The forum is a haven for our women to share their experiences, insights and aspirations. It also marks a significant milestone toward enhancing our corporate culture”.

He added: “We are not only responding to the evolving dynamics of our workplace but also ensuring that the right things are in place to help women achieve their full potential here at the bank. We, therefore, stand with her as she introduces the Girl Power Project; as it is the turn of Manye to bring such an intervention to her community. We sincerely believe that its impact would go beyond the borders of Asere. The bank would walk in step with her as many girls are empowered to meet the challenges of the new norm”.

Mr. Asomaning also spoke on the bank’s collaborations with traditional authorities across the country. He said: “Our enduring bond with stools within the Ga community, notably Asere, exemplifies our dedication to collaborative progress. Through multi-faceted collaborations, we have embarked on various ventures aimed at enhancing the socio-economic landscape of the communities we serve within the Ga State and across the country.

We stand ready to extend our support and expertise, fostering an environment conducive to her success and the advancement of her aspirations. Together, we will continue to cultivate fruitful partnerships that uplift and empower our communities, ensuring a brighter future for our communities”.

The newly enstooled Manye Naa Amorkor Shikafutru I is known in private life as Mrs. Mariam Amartey, and is the Head of Business Enablement at Stanbic Bank Ghana.

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