RIDA’s Remarkable Journey: Transforming Soybeans into Sustainable Success


RIDA FoodTech LTD, a dynamic woman-led enterprise, embarked on a transformative journey, fueled by a passion for sustainable agribusiness and social impact. Founded with a mission to enhance livelihoods and empower communities, RIDA’s commitment to innovation and excellence has reshaped the agricultural landscape in Northern Ghana.

Originally established in 2021 as RI-DA FoodTech, RIDA initially focused on aggregating and processing a diverse range of agricultural commodities, from fruits and vegetables to roots and grains. However, driven by a deep-seated desire to add value to plant-based produce, RIDA transitioned its focus to soybeans, unveiling a captivating array of nutritious plant-based products, including Niini Soy Sip, Niini Tofu, and Niini Okara (Soy Pulp).

Yet, amid the pursuit of excellence, RIDA encountered challenges inherent to the volatile nature of soybean production. The quest for consistent quality and sustainable sourcing led to the inception of the Out-Grower Scheme—an innovative initiative aimed at supporting local farmers while minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Central to this vision was the conversion of soy pulp, a byproduct of milk and tofu extraction, into nutrient-rich okara flour—a groundbreaking solution to mitigate waste and address nutritional deficiencies prevalent in the community. However, financial constraints threatened to stifle these transformative endeavors until serendipity intervened in the form of Tradeline Consult Limited (TCL) and Feed The Future Ghana Trade & Investment Activity’s (GTI) grant.

Guided by TCL, RIDA navigated the intricacies of the grant application and secured vital funding from GTI, catalyzing the realization of their visionary projects. With the grant support, RIDA implemented the Out-Grower Scheme, providing essential training and resources to over two hundred farmers, while also enhancing manufacturing practices and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations among staff.

The impact of Feed the Future Ghana Trade and Investment Activity’s intervention has been profound, propelling RIDA to new heights of success and sustainability. Empowered by modern processing equipment, rigorous quality standards, and a robust traceability training manual, RIDA has emerged as a beacon of excellence in the Northern enclave.


Today, RIDA stands as a testament to the transformative power of partnership and innovation. Through the unwavering support of TCL and GTI, RIDA has not only revolutionized soybean production but also uplifted communities, empowered farmers, and forged a path toward a more prosperous and sustainable future.

As RIDA continues to evolve and expand its footprint, one thing remains abundantly clear: with determination, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence, anything is possible. RIDA’s journey from humble beginnings to unparalleled success serves as an inspiration to us all, illustrating the transformative potential of visionary leadership and steadfast dedication to creating positive change.


RIDA FoodTech LTD, a Ghanaian woman-led enterprise, has transformed soybean production in Northern Ghana through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. Originally focused on processing various agricultural commodities, RIDA shifted its focus to soybeans, introducing a range of nutritious products. Facing challenges in sourcing and waste management, RIDA developed the Out-Grower Scheme to support local farmers and convert soy pulp into valuable okara flour. With financial assistance from Tradeline Consult Limited and the Ghana Trade & Investment grant, RIDA implemented these initiatives, providing training and resources to farmers and staff. Today, RIDA stands as a symbol of excellence, leveraging modern equipment and stringent quality standards to lead the region in soybean processing. Through collaboration and innovation, RIDA has not only improved livelihoods but also paved the way for sustainable agribusiness development in the region.

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