Advans Savings and Loans empowers clients against climate change  

Management of Advans Ghana with clients who benefitted from pallets and parasols

Advans Ghana Savings & Loans Ltd has embarked on a pioneering initiative to bolster its clients’ resilience to climate change, demonstrating a commitment to combatting its adverse effects.

This effort stems from the company’s proactive stance to evaluate climate change impacts on its clientele and reinforce their ability to withstand environmental challenges through awareness and educational campaigns.

In a bid to address the escalating climate crisis, Advans Ghana recently organized an awareness event at Circle, Odawna market, in January 2024. During this event, the company donated 15 pallets and 45 parasols to clients identified as vulnerable to floods and extreme heat—a symbolic gesture aimed at raising awareness of climate risks among the population.

Olivier Bailly Bechet, Chief Executive Officer of Advans Ghana, underscored the organization’s ambitious climate strategy, which includes sensitizing staff and clients, identifying vulnerable zones and sectors, and developing tailored products and services to enhance resilience.

Ben Berko, Chairman of Advans Ghana’s Board, outlined the four key pillars of the company’s climate strategy, emphasizing efforts such as staff training, risk analysis, and awareness campaigns. He highlighted significant achievements, including staff training on climate change, risk assessments and targeted campaigns to educate clients on flood protection measures.

Looking ahead, Advans Ghana is committed to ongoing projects such as carbon footprint assessments, integration of climate risk considerations into all processes and the development of climate-resilient products and services.

In conclusion, Advans Ghana’s proactive measures, exemplified by its recent awareness event and donation drive, underscore its dedication to combating climate change and fostering resilience in vulnerable communities. As climate-related challenges escalate, initiatives like these serve as vital steps towards building a more sustainable and adaptive society.

About Advans Ghana

Advans Ghana Savings and Loans is a subsidiary of the Advans Group headquartered in Paris – France with a presence in 9 countries in Africa and Asia serving more than 1.3 million clients. In Ghana, Advans serves over 130,000 clients.

Advans Ghana’s mission is to provide client centric financial services to small businesses and the under-served population in a sustainable and responsible manner.  It targets micro, small, medium scale enterprises, small holder farmers and individuals. Its product offerings range from loans, deposits, bill payment and mobile banking platforms, cash collection services, pay roll services and remittances.

It currently operates with 20 branches in 8 regions of Ghana which are Greater Accra, Ashanti, Brong, Ahafo, Volta, Northern, Central and Eastern and has a mobile banking platform allowing customers to transact anytime and anywhere.

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