TEMPERAMENT & WORK PRODUCTIVITY with Theodora Senaya : In The Wake of Avle – Capacity, Collaborative Craft & Team Empowerment


Introduction: Argument on Bernard Avle’s Temperament

During one of my training sessions, I had a presentation slide with nine present-day figures. After we finished talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the choleric, melancholic, sanguine, and phlegmatic temperaments, participants were asked to identify which temperament was their dominant.

Among the figures was broadcast journalist and Citi FM/Citi TV General Manager Bernardino Koku Avle. In contrast to the other characters, where everyone responded in the same way, Bernard’s temperament sparked a contentious debate. Bernard was classified as a melancholic by half of the team, whereas the other members thought he was more choleric. Both groups presented examples to support their arguments, ranging from his keen analytical skills to his unwavering commitment and enthusiasm for tasks like the Akosombo Dam Spillage project.

I had always perceived him to be a melancholic, but it felt like the team turned over a new leaf, revealing his choleric flames. I began to take note of his Choleric qualities after that.

I was drawn in by the allure of his capacity-building technique, even though we had yet to exchange words or cross paths.

Capacity Building

The United Nations defined Capacity Building as “the process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing world.”

Delegation stands as a pivotal strategy in enhancing organizational capabilities. Notably, task delegation tends to be more seamlessly executed by individuals with choleric temperaments compared to their melancholic counterparts. Cholerics naturally excel in entrusting responsibilities to others, fostering an environment of trust and autonomy. Conversely, melancholics often encounter hurdles in delegating tasks due to their meticulous nature and desire for perfection. Their propensity for thorough planning and deliberation may prolong the delegation process as they strive for tasks to align precisely with their standards.

Bernard Avla & Capacity Building

I am a devoted listener of Citi FM. As I kept pondering about the contentious discussion surrounding Bernard’s dominant temperament, I observed a distinctive approach in the way he enhanced capacity.

The Citi Breakfast Show (CBS) on Citi FM is hosted by Bernard Avle. This program has won multiple honors, including best radio show of the year in Ghana in 2019 and 2020, and has garnered a great deal of public esteem. It has also supported several initiatives, including abolishing illegal mining, and promoting goods made in Ghana. This hints at the pivotal role played by the voice orchestrating the show behind the microphone.

We’ve long been captivated by Bernard’s dynamic hosting on CBS, alongside his exceptional team. Yet, one Friday morning, as I tuned in to my beloved breakfast show, Nathan Quao, one of his team members on the show, graced the airwaves as the host. Like many, I assumed Bernard was absent, perhaps on assignment or on leave. However, as the newspaper review segment unfolded, I was taken aback to witness Bernard Avle, our esteemed regular presenter, seamlessly co-hosting with the team from across the table.

Despite Bernard’s presence, Nathan took the helm as the CBS host for Fridays, gradually extending his role to other days in the coming months. Over time, listeners became acquainted with Nathan’s hosting prowess, finding him as capable as the esteemed Bernard. When Bernard took a temporary leave, Nathan seamlessly stepped into the spotlight without prior notice or preparation, demonstrating his innate talent behind the microphone in a seamless transition.

Recently, Caleb Kudah was unveiled as the new Friday mornings host for Citi CBS. With the support of his predecessor Bernard and co-host Nathan, Caleb now takes the lead. I vividly recall Caleb expressing his initial struggle with the host’s seat during his debut Friday show. However, as weeks pass, viewers are gradually embracing and adjusting to Caleb’s presence in Bernard’s esteemed chair.

Contrasting the spontaneity of live events with the controlled precision of pre-recorded programs poses a considerable gamble. In a bold move aimed at fostering team growth and ensuring seamless business operations, Bernard ventured into uncharted territory, opting for a live format despite the inherent risks to his credibility and reputation. However, this daring decision bore fruit as the innovative program not only garnered awards but also served as a testament to Bernard’s unwavering commitment to excellence and ingenuity.

Lessons Learned:

In my personal journey, I’ve come to realize the power in relinquishing my chair not just in my physical absence but also during my presence in the office. While admittedly risky, entrusting significant responsibilities to team members can ignite inspiration, elevate morale, and propel them towards personal growth, ultimately bringing pride to the leader.

We’ve observed scenarios where employees are left wanting in the absence of their supervisor. Consider the fluctuating attendance in churches when the head pastor embarks on missionary work abroad. The congregation’s reluctance stems from their familiarity with the head pastor’s voice, breeding skepticism towards the assistant pastor in their absence.

To foster a sense of comfort among his audience in his absence, Bernard adeptly introduces his team members as hosts. Through guidance, motivation, and constructive feedback, they receive the same nurturing care he would have provided.

Furthermore, in his role as a co-host, Bernard gracefully assumes a subordinate position, seated across from his team members, ready to follow their lead. This underscores the invaluable lesson that leadership knows no bounds of experience; there’s always something to glean from our team members.

Our team thrives under such leadership dynamics, showcasing remarkable camaraderie and unwavering team spirit. The entire Citi CBS crew deserves accolades for their collective display of unity and synergy.

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