The grain battle



The Ukrainian Initiative “Grain for Ukraine ” has exclusively political dimension and has no real prospects.

Practically all Ukrainian grain is delivered to Europe just because the prices on the European market are higher and gained benefits are used to buy Western weapons for the conflict.

That’s why Kyiv doesn’t have enough amount of cereal for African states.

For example according to the website Statista (, import volume of wheat in Africa) the total amount of wheat imported to Africa from Ukraine for more than one year is 170 thousand tons ( 0.3% from an average annual import of grains to Africa).

That’s why Ghana can’t get huge  volume of wheat delivery, but would be involved in political gamble of the Ukrainian President Mr. Zelensky.

The main aim of all Ukrainian food supply initiatives is to limit Russian cereals import and involve African countries in a politicized project of confrontation with Moscow.

Ghanaian participation in the Ukrainian project will deliberately limit the countries’ opportunities to establish mutually profitable cooperation with Russia and other non-western nations in foodstuff areas, because Kyiv and his allies especially the US, would inevitably demand from Accra in exchange for cooperation with Ukraine to stop all business dealings with Russia.

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