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Homeownership is one of the most rewarding experiences in one’s lifetime. It is an important decision to make and requires the right type of financing options to suite the purpose. Buying your first home has been made easy through Republic Bank’s Home Purchase products. Existing homeowners can also take a mortgage to renovate, expand, release equity for investment, get cash flows from the value of their existing residential properties. Republic Bank, the ‘master of mortgages’ makes this journey easy, quicker, flexible, and affordable for you.

Republic Bank (Ghana) PLC, a subsidiary of Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL) of Trinidad & Tobago is a leading Universal Banking Institution in Ghana and arguably the most diversified Financial Institution. As a one-stop Financial Institution, the Bank’s services and products  include Corporate, Commercial and Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Mortgage Banking, Private Banking, International Trade and Payment Services, Custody Services, Trustee Services, Asset Management and Micro Finance, VISA Debit and Credit Card Services (Republic Bank Fantastic Four).

With our history of home financing in Ghana, we have been very instrumental in the development of the mortgage industry and continue to be the number one home loan provider in the country.  We have supported many Ghanaians both home and abroad in their journey towards homeownership.

What are our Product Offerings? 

As trailblazers in Ghana’s Mortgage industry, we have been  inspired to provide  tailored products, at ultra-low interest rates, to suit the specific needs of various segments of the market, i.e. Resident Ghanaians, Ghanaians living abroad (Non-Resident Ghanaians), Salaried Workers, Government Workers, Business Owners and Individuals.

The mortgage facilities are denominated in local or foreign currency and have a repayment term of up to 20 years.

Details of a few of the Bank’s mortgage products are outlined below:

Home Equity Mortgage


Home Completion Mortgage Home Improvement Mortgage Pension Backed Mortgage National Homeownership Fund Mortgage Scheme
Purpose Designed to enable applicants who   own homes or may have already invested in residential properties to release the equity (value) in those properties to expand their homes, renovate, extend, or build another home. Equity can also be for cashflow purposes, investment, and business capital injection. Designed to enable applicants who are already constructing their homes to take a mortgage facility to complete it within a shorter time. Assessment is based on the current level (that is, minimum lentil). Designed to assist applicants to undertake renovation and extension works on their existing houses. The target group for this product are existing homeowners and companies with properties. Designed to assist individuals to purchase residential properties for their own use, leveraging their tier 3 contribution. This is designed to assist individuals to purchase residential properties for their own use at a subsidized interest from selected estate developers.
Maximum Loan Up to 80% of the Forced Sale Value of the property. This is determined by age and income of applicant(s) Up to 50% of the Total Cost of Construction of the property. Also determined by age and income of applicant(s). Up to 50% of the value of the property. Income and age as the additional qualifying criteria. Up to 100% financing. Qualification is determined by income, age and contribution to Tier 3.


Up to GHS350K determined by age and income of applicant(s).
Minimum Down PaymentMinimum Down Payment No minimum down payment required No minimum down payment required No minimum down payment required No minimum down payment required No minimum down payment required
Maximum Term 15 years



15 years 15 years 20 years 20 years
Joint Application Allowed with Spouses, Siblings, Parent, and child Allowed with Spouses, Siblings, Parent, and child Allowed with Spouses, Siblings, Parent, and child Allowed with Spouses, Siblings, Parent, and child Allowed with Spouses only







·                     Opportunity to release equity (cash flows) for other investments.

• Cost savings

• Flexible repayment options

• Property value appreciation

•Tax Incentive Savings

• Opportunity to complete residential property within a short period

• Property value appreciation

• Completing to owner’s taste

• Flexible repayment options

•Tax Incentive Savings


• Opportunity to improve existing residential property through value addition

• Investment option

• Property value appreciation

• Flexible repayment options

•Tax Incentive Savings

·                      Opportunity to own a property at relatively low rates.

·                      100% financing

• Property value appreciation

·                      Ability to apply other / equity loans.

·                      Tax Incentive Savings

• Opportunity to own a home at relatively low interest rates.

• Property value appreciation

• Flexible repayment options

• Tax Incentive Savings option


Who can apply? RResident and Non Resident

SSalaried Workers

jJoint Applicants (Spouses, Siblings, r parent and child)

S Employed

Existing Homeowners with registered title.

RResident and Non Resident

Salaried  Workers

J Joint Applicants (Spouse Siblings etc)

SSelf Employed.

E Existing Homeowners with title

RResident and Non Resident

S Salaried Workers

J Workers Applicants (Spouses,

Siblings etc.)

Self Employed.

Existing Homeowners with title.

RResident Ghanaians

With Tier3 contributions

S Salaried Workers

Joint Applicants (Spouses,etc)

SSelf Employed with

Tier 3.





Salaried Workers Joint Applicants (Spouses only)


S  Self Employed who pay tax.



Relevance and Commitment. 

Regardless of our status as pioneers, we do not rest on our oars. We consistently work through research and market insights to provide practical solutions to the housing deficit in Ghana while making it easy for all Ghanaians to become homeowners.

One of these interventions is the ongoing Campaign Dubbed, ‘Ultra-Low Mortgage Rate Campaign’. Republic Bank, having considered the growing desire for homeownership amongst Ghanaians, has slashed its rates to make it affordable.  This is an unprecedented, reduced rate offer to ever hit our industry.

Our highly skilled and professional staff remain committed to making our customers the centre of our business by delivering superior customer service at every point in time.

Our Service Promise to You 

As a Bank, we understand that Banking is not a repeat purchase of our services by customers, but a development process where we provide services by appreciating customers’ needs, building deeper, and more effective customer relationships. Having this as the thrust of our business, we provide innovative products that cut across our varied customer base.

As a Bank that believes in building successful Communities, we engage in several Community engagement initiatives. We, therefore, ensure that as we work to deliver sustainable growth and shareholder value, we also contribute to the wider community by being a responsible corporate citizen, a Bank with a heart and an employer of choice.

The Bank has introduced two additional repayment options. This helps to reduce the number of repayment years and at the same time saves customers up to 40% of interest payments.

Republic Bank has and continues to develop cutting-edge mortgage products for both local and non-resident Ghanaians.  To create wealth for yourself now and in the future, Republic Bank provides the answer.

For more information on any of Republic Bank’s Easy Home offerings listed below, kindly contact:

0540109649/ Toll Free: 0800 414 414 or send an email to [email protected]

Our Easy Home Offerings (Mortgage Products)

  • Home Purchase Mortgage
  • Home Equity Mortgage
  • Home Improvement Mortgage
  • Home Completion Mortgage
  • Pension Backed Mortgage
  • Build and Own Mortgage
  • National Homeownership Fund Mortgage Scheme
  • Executive Mortgage


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