Wonfliki , EOS Data Analytics partner to transform agriculture


Wonfliki, a Ghanaian AgTech innovator, is collaborating with EOS Data Analytics – a global leader in AI-powered satellite imagery analytics – to propel it to the forefront of the country’s AgTech sector and reinforce its commitment to sustainable agricultural practices.

In response to the challenges faced by Ghana’s agriculture sector characterised by traditional family-run farms with limited surpluses, Wonfliki has joined forces with EOS Data Analytics to usher in a new era of modernisation and enhanced productivity. This partnership aligns seamlessly with Wonfliki’s dedication to mitigating risks in crop farming and ensuring proper land titles for farmers.

Wonfliki is set to leverage this partnership to deliver advanced crop monitoring services. This revolutionary technology will empower farmers and agribusinesses across local and continental landscapes, streamlining operational efficiency and conserving crucial resources.

Ghana’s agriculture industry which is projected to reach a market size of US$3.4billion in 2024, stands to benefit significantly from this collaboration. With Wonfliki’s commitment to bridging data gaps, enhancing farm productivity and contributing to sustainable agricultural development, the partnership addresses the evolving needs of the sector.

The partnership grants Wonfliki access to comprehensive satellite imagery data, offering valuable insights into crop health, predictive weather patterns, and farm conditions. This information, available for remote access by farmers and agribusinesses, heralds a new era in the utilisation of agricultural data.

Hillary Adare, Founder of Wonfliki, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership: “We eagerly anticipate harnessing this collaboration to improve farmers’ productivity using data-driven strategies. This venture not only elucidates cause-and-effect dynamics in farming, but also drives economic growth by enabling budget-informed decisions for agricultural businesses”.

Rim Elijah, VP of Sales at EOS Data Analytics, echoes this enthusiasm, stating: “We are thrilled to commit to advancing sustainable agricultural practices in Africa and enhancing technological adoption for the benefit of both individual agribusinesses and governmental bodies”.

Looking ahead, the partnership with EOS Data Analytics positions Wonfliki to engage with stakeholders and farmers in the agricultural domain, aligning with its commitment to augment efforts in the sector. Together, both organisations are determined to expand their impact by providing innovative solutions to a broader range of farmers, industries and government-led initiatives in the region.

What this means for the market

This partnership signifies a significant leap forward in the modernisation of Ghana’s agriculture sector.

With advanced AI technologies and satellite data analytics at its core, Wonfliki – in collaboration with EOS Data Analytics – is set to help farmers get more from their hard work. The technology has the ability to monitor crop health in real time, and coupled with access to forecasted weather information, it empowers farmers to make informed decisions.

The farm management system cuts costs and contributes to resource savings, aiding in effective farm management.

As Ghana’s agricultural landscape evolves, the integration of technology promises a future marked by resilience, sustainability and unprecedented growth; and Wonfliki aims to be a part of this story.

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