SIC Life, B&FT strengthen ties


SIC Life Company Limited, one of the largest and most reputable life insurance firms in the country, has rekindled its partnership with the Business and Financial Times (B&FT), Africa’s leading provider of business information.

The two companies have agreed to work collaboratively on areas of mutual benefit, leveraging their respective experience in insurance and business insights. This came to light when management of B&FT paid a courtesy call on the leadership of SIC Life in Accra.

Among other things, discussions during the meeting focused on how the two entities can work together in delivering value to their customers and the general public.

With a strong passion for fostering socioeconomic development as well as life and business recovery across the country, both companies deliberated on ways to deepen issues around insurance – particularly in times of economic hardship and uncertainty.

Chief Executive Officer-B&FT, Dr. Godwin Acquaye, expressed heartfelt gratitude to SIC Life for being a loyal partner to the brand even in the current challenging economic conditions.

He also commended leadership of SIC for its commitment to life insurance education and awareness-creation in the country.

Furthermore, he took the opportunity to highlight some of the initiatives and programmes designed for the year to enlighten the business community and general public, shape policy discussions and influence policy decisions among others.

He assured the SIC management that coming on board will provide the best opportunities to sensitise the public and reposition the brand in the general public’s subconscious mind as the go-to organisation for insurance uptake.

On his part, Deputy Chief Executive Officer-SIC Life Company, Daniel Kwasi Saforo, expressed confidence in how such partnerships with the B&FT can go beyond business promotion to also foster efforts at increasing insurance penetration in the country from the current three percent as proposed.

He added that the insurance industry is a very competitive space for players, and so it takes constant innovation and customer-centric initiatives to remain relevant as a market leader; hence his confidence in the partnership furthering the brand’s leadership position.

“We have been long-standing subscribers to your programmes and publications, and we hope to continue this relationship. This initiative to enlighten us on the programmes lined up for the year helps us to plan ahead of time and also bring our resources on board.

“We know the mileage that B&FT brings on board and we need that; so, we will want to know the various ways to plug in our objectives and ensure they are also in line with your programme themes,” he said.

The deputy CEO also commended B&FT for some thought-provoking feature articles on topical issues that always meet his expectations, and called for more such initiatives from experts in various industries while also giving some few entry spots to professional novices to develop their writing skills.

In conclusion Dr. Acquaye underscored that some flagship programmes of B&FT – such as the Youth Economic Forum, Money Summit, Ghana Economic Forum and CEOs Breakfast Meeting among others – have made a lot of impact, hence the need for more partnerships to sustain these initiatives.

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