GLICO’s Sunkwa Health Plan: A lifeline for Ghanaians abroad

Sunkwa Health Plan

It’s 10 pm, and Tieku, a hardworking Ghanaian living and working in New York, finds himself caught in the throes of a sudden family emergency on his way to his night job. His brother’s frantic calls from Accra revealed that their mother had an emergency at home and had to be rushed to the hospital.

As Tieku grapples with the shock and the imminent need for funds, a moment of relief washes over him – a few months ago, he had enrolled his mother onto GLICO’s Sunkwa Health Plan. One less worry in a time of crisis. He prompted his brother to take his mother to her hospital and present her GLICO Sunkwa Health card, which they had agreed she would always keep in her purse.

A few hours later, to Tieku’s relief, he received a call that his mother had been stabilised and doing well. She was scheduled to be discharged in the morning. Without any upfront payment, Tieku’s mother received the critical medical attention she needed. The Sunkwa health insurance policy diligently paid for months ago by Tieku, from thousands of miles away, had covered the cost of his mother’s emergency medical bills – highlighting the transformative power and peace of mind associated with the GLICO Sunkwa Health Plan.

Offered by GLICO Healthcare, the Sunkwa Health Plan is tailored to assist Ghanaians abroad to secure health insurance for their dependents in Ghana. The plan offers comprehensive health insurance coverage for both outpatient and inpatient care, through an extensive network of over 700 affiliated service providers.

Services covered include General Practitioner and Specialist Consultation, Prescription Drugs, Laboratory Tests, X-rays, Dental Care, Eye Care and Optical, Surgical and Medical Treatment. The plan is also complemented by a death benefit for members.

The re-introduction of the GLICO Sunkwa Health Plan signals a pivotal moment in Ghana’s healthcare landscape. It addresses the pressing need for Ghanaians overseas to manage the health needs of their loved ones back home without constant financial stress. With innovative solutions like the Sunkwa Health Plan, the worry of ensuring quality healthcare and sending funds ceaselessly diminishes.

In the evolving landscape of insurance in Ghana, particularly in healthcare, GLICO’s Sunkwa Health Plan emerges as a beacon of accessibility, affordability and peace of mind with regards to access to quality healthcare. This comprehensive healthcare solution not only revitalises the health insurance industry but also transcends societal boundaries, ensuring quality healthcare reaches all corners.

The GLICO Sunkwa Health Plan is more than just an insurance policy; it symbolises a lifeline connecting Ghanaians globally, breaking down the barriers that distance might impose on healthcare provision for loved ones back home. As exemplified by Tieku’s experience, it stands as a game-changer in healthcare, offering peace of mind to countless Ghanaians residing abroad.

Moving forward, the Sunkwa Health Plan is set to redefine healthcare in Ghana, impacting lives one premium at a time.

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