FGR workers unhappy over ‘mismanagement’ of Bogoso-Prestea Mine


Some distressed workers of Future Global Resources (FGR), formerly Golden Star Resources Limited – operator of the Bogoso-Prestea Mine in the Western Region, are protesting alleged mismanagement of the mine.

According to General Secretary-Senior Staff Union of FGR Bogoso-Prestea Mines, Samuel Kumi Manu, the mine has not seen any investment since FGR took over in 2020.

“They are unable to finance the mine and are only interested in taking away the gold. The debt of FGR has increased from US$30million to US$115million,” he alleged.

To sustain operations at the mine, Mr. Manu is calling on Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Samuel Abu Jinapor to demand proof of financial capability from FGR.

“We want the minister to do the needful; we know on two occasions he has through the Minerals Commission issued notice to FGR to show proof of capabilities. But on both occasions FGR has not been able to do that.  The last notice was issued in August last year and expired on December 13, 2023,” Mr. Manu explained.

He said: “This means FGR does not have the means to operate the mine, and therefore we expect the minister to take the lease from FGR and give it to a credible investor who will be able to pump some financial capacity into the operation”.

He pointed out that Bogoso-Prestea has the largest resource in the country: “We have a resource of 80 square kilometres, and what we lack is finance. For the past three years, FGR has not been able to show capability; so, we are imploring the minister to do the needful so the company’s fortunes will move to higher heights.

“The communities are affected, the local contractors within the communities that have employed over 1,500 locals have also been affected as well as the local economy; we want the minister to give the mine to a credible investor who has the money to run this operation,” he added.

In a telephone interview with Robert Gyamfi, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations Manager of FGR, to get a reaction from management, he said: “We are unable to talk on the matter, but definitely there will be a release”.

The mine’s alleged mismanagement is believed to have led to management’s attempts to put the asset under ‘Care and Maintenance’.

However, the Minerals Commission in a press statement yesterday indicated that it has not received any formal application or request from FGR to put the mine under ‘Care and Maintenance’.

In a statement issued by the Commission, it said while FGR has made a verbal presentation to the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources proposing Care and Maintenance, beyond that no official submission has been made to the Ministry or the Commission.

The Commission in its statement referred to the Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 (Act 703), which calls for any request to suspend production to follow specific procedures outlined in section 51. FGR is yet to take this formal step, as pointed out by the Commission.

It will be recalled that operational challenges led to a temporary halt of mining activities in December 2023.

Following this development, the Commission said it issued a Notice to FGR in August 2023, urging them to address identified breaches.

As the notice expired in December 2023, the Commission said it is set to advise the minister on next steps – which adds urgency to the situation.

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