Stanbic CE inspires graduates to embrace journey of discovery

Kwamina Asomaning, CE – Stanbic Bank Ghana, delivering the keynote address at the graduation ceremony

Chief Executive of Stanbic Bank Ghana, Kwamina Asomaning, has called on young graduates to embrace the journey of discovery as they begin their lives out of school.

Mr. Asomaning said this at the graduating class of 2022/2023 of the College of Humanities, University of Ghana.

The Stanbic Bank Chief Executive shared insights from his personal and professional journey. “As I stood in your shoes 28 years ago, the array of career choices and paths ahead seemed both thrilling and overwhelming. However, becoming a banker was not at the top of my list. But here I am today, about to complete my 27th year in banking. Through it all, one important lesson that I have learned is to embrace the journey of discovery. It’s perfectly okay to not have every detail of your path mapped out right away. I did not have mine on the day of graduation. My plea to you, therefore, is to allow yourself the freedom to explore your interests, take on new challenges and trust that your unique path will unfold over time,” he said.

Mr. Asomaning further urged the graduates to be balanced in their expectations, saying: “While having the passion to follow your dreams is crucial, it’s equally important to strike a balance between following your dreams and being practical. Life often takes unexpected turns, and being open to different possibilities can lead to fulfilling and rewarding opportunities you might not have anticipated. My willingness to explore further academic opportunities opened a plethora of professional opportunities worldwide”.

Kwamina Asomaning also charged the graduates to imbibe the culture of continuous learning and consider entrepreneurship to stay relevant. He said: “Approach the job market with resilience and dynamism. Enhance your skills through continuous learning, certifications and embrace networking opportunities. Explore internships, freelance work, or volunteering to build a robust portfolio. Your journey doesn’t have to be linear – be open to diverse opportunities. Additionally, consider entrepreneurship by researching, developing a business plan, and networking with potential collaborators or investors. The entrepreneurial path offers independence and a chance to make a lasting impact. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and let your creativity flourish”.

In closing, Mr. Asomaning urged the graduates to cherish the relationships formed during their time at the university and stay connected to their alma mater. He emphasised that the bond among graduates is enduring, and the lessons learned at the institution will continue to shape their lives. The ceremony, held at the Great Hall, was attended by members of the university administration, faculty, and family and friends of the graduates.


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