The 5 levels of brand interface


Over the years, businesses have sought to create an identity for their products, not only to excel in competition but also to secure the right to ownership. Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey involves a dynamic process of growth and expansion characterised by distinct stages that your product, business or service undergoes. These levels serve as a guide for entrepreneurs to strategically plan to ascend in their entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Family and friends: The genesis of every business involves transcending the intimate circle of family and friends. While their support is crucial, it is prudent to recognise that their validation primarily stems from personal connections with you, rather than an objective assessment of your product’s quality. This phase, however, will serve as a foundation – laying the groundwork for the subsequent levels.
  2. Community: Moving beyond family and friendly, the next hurdle is winning acceptance within your local community or immediate environment. Here, intentional efforts must be made to market your product and services in a way that fosters trust and credibility. The local support gained at the level becomes the bedrock upon which you build your brand’s reputation.
  3. Regional: You don’t want your business to remain a local champion. After serving your brand beyond your family & friends and community level, you need to strategically employ tools and platforms that make your product/service appealing and accessible to different demographics.
  4. National: This phase brings you close to becoming a household brand. Your products or services should not only meet local demands, but should also align with broader market trends. Citi FM, for instance, has been providing quality content to its listeners for over a decade, and only expanded into TV productions in June 2018. Consistency and discipline are crucial in achieving results at a steady pace.
  5. International: This is the zenith of your business journey. It takes grit, consistency and innovation to build a brand that can successfully navigate international waters. Collaborations, partnerships and a profound understanding of cultural nuances are essential at this stage. Wear Ghana, for instance, has had its ‘Gigi’ outfit worn by various ambassadors and people of diverse nationalities across many countries. After serving their brand to family & friends, they keep shaping and growing it to appeal to the global community.


The entrepreneurial journey is not just about the growth of your business, it’s a journey of personal and professional evolution. If you are trying to build your product, business and service from conception to the global level, be intentional about learning and growing. Take opportunities to prepare yourself for bigger platforms, remain diligent and resilient in your efforts to succeed, and God will magnify your efforts.

>>>The author is a corporate trainer, PR and publishing consultant assisting busy executives to write and publish bestselling books. He has served as Head of Protocol at a diplomatic mission, Corporate Affairs Officer at a French multinational agribusiness, and Events and Media Correspondent for a digital ad agency. You can contact the author via [email protected]

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