Oman Investments Company unveils advisory board for strategic growth


Oman Investments Company has introduced its advisory board to the public—a pivotal move to fortify governance and embark on purposeful expansion into its existing markets.

The Advisory Board brings together a notable and accomplished group of Capital Raising, Legal, Technology, and ESG experts, with complementary experiences and viewpoints on technology, all united by their shared commitment to helping companies scale quickly and successfully in Africa.

The Advisory Board, led by Ebele Okeke, will bring critical insights and governance to steer Oman toward sustained success.

“We’re seeing a number of foreign technology companies entering Sub-Saharan Africa by themselves or via partnership models and failing. But to be consistent, we believe in investing together with the foreign companies via joint venture or equity participation, which is why I’m interested in Oman Investments’ model,” said Chairman Ebele Okeke.

The Advisory Board members are:

  • Chairman Mr. Ebele Okeke, Altica Partners
  • Member Ms. Yvonne Okyere-Whalley
  • Member Mr. Javier Hermida
  • Member Ms. Adama Ango
  • Member Mr. Preshan Govinder, JSE Private Placements

With the advisory board in place, Oman Investments is enhancing its governance and route to growth in its existing markets.

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