Samsung unveils latest Galaxy phone powered by AI


Samsung, a global leader in innovative technology, has unveilled its much-awaited Galaxy S24 mobile phone powered by artificial intelligence (AI) onto the domestic market.

The state-of-the-art mobile device boasts 2 additional variations – namely Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra, and is supported by a 7-year update of operating system (OS) upgrades. It also supports audio and text translations of up to 30 languages.

While enabling seamless communication in other languages, the AI incorporated phone helps its users to interact better in their own languages.

With the power of AI, the galaxy S24 can be automatically set to summarise group chat messages and re-organise notes to make sense of them.

Its on-device versions of AI chatbots can keep conversations more private, as queries will not need to be sent to the cloud.

Leveraging Google technology, it also introduces a new, easier way of searching, by using simple gestures without switching apps. These include circling, tapping, highlighting, scribbling and zigzag search methods.

Baba Musah Alhassan, Head-Mobile Experience, Samsung Ghana Limited (Ltd.), in an address at the company’s 2024 Galaxy Unpacked event to unveil the phone, indicated that the new era of galaxy AI seeks to transform users’ everyday mobile experience – bringing them closer to a world where common barriers to social connection are addressed, making communication easier and more productive than ever.

Being the company’s most comprehensive intelligent offering presently, he noted that: “The galaxy AI will change how we think about our phones, with breakthrough experiences that will not only open up a world of new possibilities but also empower us to unlock our potentials while safeguarding our privacy and security.”

Ishmael Leo Alhassan, the company’s Master Trainer, urged all to take advantage of the opportunities AI brings to improve their lives.

The Galaxy S24 series has the best camera yet – boasting features such as super HDR, night-photography and video stabilisation among others, and allows you to turn a high-resolution video into slow motion with a simple long press.

The company has also partnered with Instagram to upgrade the phone’s editing, uploading and viewing experiences.

Samsung is Apple’s largest smartphone competitor. The company has a 20 percent share of the global smartphone market, compared with Apple’s 16 percent share, according to Counterpoint Research. Meanwhile, Samsung has a 25 percent share of the U.S. phone market, behind Apple’s 53 percent share. New features that aren’t available on the iPhone could help it attract more customers.

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