Marketing Edge with Tarsicius Edem Dorpenyo: Beyond the game – cultural extravaganza at AFCON


…a marketing symphony of tradition and global appeal

The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) offers a forum for nations to demonstrate their rich cultural history as well as a prominent football event. Ghana’s participation in the ongoing AFCON in Ivory Coast has provided an opportunity to display the country’s cultural richness and customs on the continental stage.

Ghana, famed for its unique cultural tapestry, has gone above and beyond the football field to provide a cultural spectacle at AFCON. The arrival of the Ghanaian football team in Abidjan was a magnificent scene, as they got off the plane dressed in the regal glory of Kente cloth. Kente, a traditional woven fabric with great cultural importance in Ghana, was used to transform the team’s entry into a visual celebration of national pride.

The players, coaches, and staff passionately displayed Ghana’s rich past through their costumes, resulting in a magnificent tableau that captivated not just football fans but also a global audience. This planned choice of attire was more than just a fashion statement; it was a strategic and visually compelling marketing effort, courting attention and symbolizing the Ghanaian team’s togetherness and strength.

The marketing possibilities of Ghana’s participation in AFCON are enormous, providing a variety of chances to improve the country’s global image and economic prospects.

  1. Brand visibility and recognition: Ghana’s participation in AFCON gives a high-profile platform for improved continental brand visibility. Using the tournament to highlight the country’s natural resources, values, and cultural identity promotes brand recognition.
  2. Tourism promotion: The AFCON cultural showcase is a significant tool for marketing tourism in Ghana. Highlighting tourist landmarks, cultural events, and one-of-a-kind experiences enhances the possibility of attracting visitors interested in the country’s diversified offerings.
  3. Investment opportunities: Positive exposure at AFCON draws new investors and partners. Ghana can highlight the country’s stability, growth potential, and business-friendly climate, promoting foreign direct investment.
  4. Global collaborations: AFCON offers a forum for forming international collaborations. Collaborations with global businesses, sponsors, and organizations can help Ghana’s global status.
  5. Sports and lifestyle merchandising: The event can drive demand for national team and cultural emblem merchandise. – Effective marketing techniques may capitalize on this demand, converting it into cash and promoting Ghanaian brands on a global scale.
  6. Digital marketing and social media engagement: Ghana can utilize social media platforms to increase the country’s visibility at AFCON. Engaging content, real-time updates, and fan interactions all add to a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that reaches well beyond the continent.
  7. Soft power and nation branding: AFCON participation enables Ghana to leverage soft power by positively affecting perceptions of the country. This soft power strategy boosts the country’s global reputation and encourages cultural exchange. A well-executed marketing plan would help to shape a favourable national brand, which influences how the world perceives Ghana.
  8. Cultural diplomacy: Using AFCON as a tool promotes favourable relationships with other nations. – Ghana’s cultural showcase at AFCON not only provides entertainment but also functions as a kind of cultural diplomacy. Ghana develops peace and understanding with other participating nations by giving a positive image of its culture. Marketing activities can highlight Ghana’s dedication to cultural exchange and collaboration on the world scale.
  9. Legacy building: AFCON offers an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for Ghana after the tournament. – To have a meaningful and long-lasting influence, marketing campaigns should focus on sustainability, community development, and ongoing participation.


Ghana’s AFCON participation has long-reaching marketing ramifications that go far beyond the football field, providing a strategic chance to place the country on the world stage, attract investment, boost tourism, and develop a strong and enduring national brand. As the tournament continues, the world sees not only Ghana’s football team’s prowess but also the vivid spirit of its culture. I wish the Black Stars the best of luck in their remaining games.

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