Jospong Chairman sets tone for innovation and excellence at JLC 2024


Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, Executive Chairman-Jospong Group of Companies, has opened the Jospong Leadership Conference 11th edition at Pentecost Convention Centre in Gomoah Fetteh.

The event took place on Monday January 15, 2024, and drew participants mainly from Jospong Group of Companies’ leaders and staff. Others also joined online from across the country.

Dr. Agyepong commenced the conference by expressing gratitude to God for another successful year, and extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests – including Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Samanjith Udumalagala; and CEO-Asian African Consortium, Mrs. Adelaide Araba Siaw Agyepong.

Before delving into the conference’s theme, Dr. Agyepong took a moment to remember colleagues who departed in the preceding year; emphasising the importance of unity and remembrance within the Jospong family.

Reflecting on the leadership conference’s past 11 years, Dr. Agyepong highlighted the annual event’s positive impact – attributing its success to dedication and hard work from the Group’s employees.

The 2024 Leadership Conference theme, ‘Driving Business Excellence through Innovation, Sustainability and Empowerment’, was unveilled with a clear message that innovation is crucial for achieving the Group’s vision of becoming a leading business in Africa.

Addressing sustainability, Dr. Agyepong underlined Jospong Group’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. The call for collaboration and innovative thinking echoed throughout his speech, emphasising the need for intentional efforts in sustainable businesses and financial modelling to empower employees and stakeholders.

Capacity building emerged as a key focus, with Dr. Agyepong emphasising the importance of investing in the Group’s human capital. He highlighted various training programmes undertaken in the past year; including international initiatives such as waste recovery and recyclables training in Thailand, and participation in global conferences like COP 28.

The Jospong Academy’s role in designing innovative learning programmes has been critical to the conglomerate’s growth.

Speaking on the topic ‘Empower for Greatness: Igniting Businesses’, president of the Full Gospel Men’s Fellowship-International, Mr. Baba Mahama, asked business owners to simplify and define their missions to employees if they want them empowered.

He said the first place to look for competition is no other place than within one’s organisation.

Mr. Mahama was categorical that excellence can only be achieved when efficiency and effectiveness are in equilibrium.

He said the first customer for an organisation is none other than its employees, and their satisfaction extends to the external customer at all times.

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