BlackStars at AFCON2023 and Ghanaians online


AFCON 2023 kicked off on a disappointing note for the Black Stars of Ghana. A 2:1 defeat in the Group B second match stirred a wave of emotions among Ghanaians. Despite the frustration, the unwavering support for our team shines through in a rather strange way because one would think, who cares about the BlackStars these days but it was glaringly obvious.

Here are some tweets capturing the sentiments of netizens post-game and the morning after.

@DrGeorgeAnagli shared this tweet – “Ghanaians pretend to dislike the Ghana Black Stars. Deep down, we dey love love them pass”

@Dedecodex in a tweet – “Ghanaians are in a toxic relationship with black stars. Every season we claim we won’t watch again but we still watch”

@SneakerNyame_ also said this –  “So the blackstars goalkeeper fit catch feelings give woman?”

“Yes, we know Argentina lost the first game and still won the World Cup, but do you have a Messi in your team ? No, wait, do you even have a midfield? No, do you have a keeper to make game-changing saves?” — @HUKPASTSI

@HUKPATSI didn’t have it easy with stars after the match – “Your next match is Egypt? You need 3 points, and Salah also needs his goals!”

@iamwolanyo allayed his disappointment too – “Ghanaians are not expecting the Blackstars to win everyone game. Who even does that. We expect them to be professional footballers and do their best representing their country and family. Whether they win or lose they get paid anyway”

@Kwazibruce – “This is Cape Verde o, then what would we do if the Black Stars plays Mozambique later in the #AFCON2023?”

@niilexis in your shot – “You’ll think you have given up and lost all your affection for the Black Stars. Then they play the national anthem and you can’t help but root for the team all over again. We’re in an abusive relationship”

This tweet is so hilarious from @niilexis again — “The Ransford Ko etc. etc. guy is only in the team because of light-skin privilege. This is AFCON, you need people from the deep trenches who get malaria once every year to win games.”

This particular tweet gives you the truth about our current crop of Blackstars players and everything in between by @niilexis – “Black Stars hasn’t fallen off in football. We’re deep in the gutters, swimming with the shits and sewage water.”

“People of Ghana, until the retrogressive structures around the Blackstars are dismantled, not even Pep or Klopp can make the team shine… even BUDGET for AFCON has been hidden in the belly of the Whale that took Jonah in…” – @AnnyOsabutey

“Madagascar – Comoros – Cape Verde” by @C_RealMC and I ask do you get it? If you don’t get it then forget about it. Blackstars paaa herh

This came from Emefa Owusu-Ansah – “Yes, you can’t win every game, but there are some matches you just shouldn’t lose.” How on earth do you lose to Cabo Verde?

Emefa went on to express her dashing hopes with this last text that hurts differently “Cape Verde, do they even have stadium? It’s an island. No land. Only water. And they beat GH Black Stars?

Ghanaians’ expectations are simple yet profound: passion, hunger, and a wholehearted fight from our players to make Mother Ghana proud. The nation stands united, craving the dedication that transcends the field.

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