GBA 2023 launch: Beverage industry players lauded, new category unveiled

Ernest Boateng, Chief Executive Officer of Global Media Alliance

In a virtual ceremony, Global Media Alliance – a leading integrated marketing and communications giant – launched the much-anticipated Ghana Beverage Awards (GBA), setting the stage for a year of celebration and recognition within the beverage industry.

The launch event paved way for nominations scheduled from January 11, 2024 to February 26, 2024 via the official website, It also provided the opportunity to announce the latest addition to its repertoire of categories – the Sustainability Champion of the Year category.

Recognising the growing importance of environmental and social responsibility, this nouvelle category aims to celebrate businesses actively leading the charge toward sustainable practices within the beverage industry.

Speaking during the launch, Ernest Boateng, Chief Executive Officer of Global Media Alliance, emphasised the importance of sustainable practices in the beverage industry, praising companies for adopting them and stressing the need to protect the environment for continued benefits. He stated: “Sustainable practices are not just a necessity, but an opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves and create a positive impact on the environment and communities”.

He also applauded the beverage industry for its significant contribution to national development, citing its role in driving economic growth, job creation and impa`ctful community initiatives.

“Our beverage industry has been the cornerstone of the economy, championing growth, development and innovation. It has been a key partner in driving economic growth by supporting sustainable livelihoods through the creation of jobs and the design and implementation of uniquely curated CSR initiatives for members of the communities in which they operate and Ghana as a whole.

“Cognisant of the significant role of the beverage industry in our lives, it is imperative that we recognise and reward their hard work. We hope this avenue will continue to spur players in the industry to exude more excellence,” he said.

To build excitement for the awards night, Global Media Alliance will organise a masterclass for bartenders of selected bars, restaurants and lounges. This session aims to foster learning and the transfer of knowledge to raise a new generation of bartenders. Similarly, there would also be a beverage village party to bring participating beverage companies closer to their consumers while helping to drive sales.

With eight years of existence, GBA has spotlighted compelling beverage brands and advanced industry knowledge and technology adoption. Notable past winners of the most coveted Product of the Year category include Tampico, Coca Cola, and Club Beer.

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