MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: Purview

MINDSET with Gambrah Sampeney Kwabena Adjei: The tipping point

Window shopping is the activity of looking at goods displayed in shop windows, especially without the intent of buying anything.

Similarly, many are also going through life window shopping! They look without intending to buy anything from it.

This is how some people do their window shopping of life:

Often times they wonder as to why others are enjoying life or seem to be cruising smoothly while others are not.

This causes many to think whether there is something wrong with them or perhaps there are certain folks in life who have been given special echelon in life.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with window shopping; however, you have to do it without wishes but rather with admiration.

“Wishes has never helped and will never help!”

You only take out of life what you have decided with actual intention.

Window shop but don’t stay at that for too long, for it is none of your business. Your business is to learn how to have the means to acquire what you desire.

Your window is your pair of eyes.

Learn to shut your physical window and learn to live through the eyes inside  you.

If you should close your eyes right now, what you see is the real picture you desire. Learn to look at that always and you will see your life take shape according to that.

Life doesn’t exist on the outside of you, it is within you.

If this is so, can one control the window shopping, and how?

Absolutely yes!

You control it by catching the glimpse, closing it and curling it into your collections of desires with an intent of acquiring and not just looking at others to ponder on theirs to wish for same.

Your window is what is within your purview.

Focus on it by choice.

Think about it!

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