Hollard is the Best Organisation in Rewards Management Practice


Hollard Ghana, the country’s favourite insurer with subsidiaries Hollard Insurance and Hollard Life, has earned a prestigious “Best Organisation in Rewards Management Practice” at the HR Focus Conference and Awards. The event, hosted at the esteemed Accra International Conference Centre, celebrated outstanding achievements and innovations in human resources.

The event saw the participation of HR professionals and organisations from various industries gathered to celebrate exemplary efforts in HR management. Hollard Ghana’s notable triumph in the “Rewards Management” category is a testament to the company’s dedication to fostering a workplace culture that values, motivates, and rewards its employees. This award underscores Hollard Ghana’s unwavering commitment to enable more people to create and secure a better future by providing its employees with innovative and well-structured rewards programs.

“We are ecstatic to receive this award in recognition of our commitment to rewards management in the insurance industry. At Hollard Ghana, we understand the pivotal role rewards play in the overall satisfaction of employees. Hence, we have designed our reward management schemes with a long-term view tailored to individual and team achievement. We ensure that our people understand the criteria for receiving rewards and the opportunities available. The regular assessment of our EVP and consistent adaptation showcases our commitment to continuous improvement and staying ahead in the competitive job market,” said George Kofi Panford, Hollard Ghana.

Hollard Ghana’s investment in rewards management encompasses a comprehensive approach, including competitive remuneration and benefits packages, performance-based incentives, professional development opportunities, and employee recognition programs. This award underscores the company’s dedication to providing its employees with a workplace that fosters growth, engagement, and well-being.

The recognition by the HR Focus Conference and Awards further solidifies Hollard Ghana’s leadership in HR management, showcasing its commitment to creating an environment that fosters employee satisfaction and motivation.

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