Vodafone surpasses target with 104 community shops nationwide

Dr. Christian Jahn is Head of PFS Programme, GIZ

Vodafone Ghana has announced a significant achievement in its nationwide expansion, launching 104 Community Shops and surpassing its initial goal of 100 shops by March 31, 2024. This milestone, part of the Vodafone Community Shops project announced on June 1, 2023, is a major step in the company’s strategy to expand its retail presence throughout Ghana.

Mercy Dawn Akude, Head of Retail & Partner Support at Vodafone Ghana, highlighted the significance of this expansion. “The Vodafone Community Shop initiative is at the heart of our mission to bring our services closer to our customers, enhancing accessibility and convenience,” she said. Mercy Dawn underscored that every region in Ghana has seen the benefits of this project, ensuring a consistent and high-quality customer experience.

David Umoh, Director for the Consumer Business Unit at Vodafone Ghana, also commented on the achievement. “The successful roll-out of the Community Shops ahead of schedule is a testament to our commitment to our customers. This expansion increases our physical presence across the country and also solidifies our position as a customer-centric organisation,” David stated.

The newly opened shops, located in various regions including Greater Accra’s Labadi, Bono’s Sunyani, Ashanti’s Kumasi and other cities, are expected to substantially enhance customer experience and service accessibility. According to Mercy Dawn Akude, customers are already benefitting from the convenience of accessing Vodafone’s services locally, eliminating the need for lengthy travel.

The Community Shops are set to enhance the overall service experience, drive transactions on Vodafone Cash, boost sales in device financing, voice and data plans, and promote the usage of online services. “The launch of Vodafone Community Shops responds to the long-awaited needs of our customers and partners. We are thrilled to offer a consistent experience in sales and support services, and are always ready to assist,” added Mercy Dawn Akude.

This expansion demonstrates Vodafone Ghana’s continued commitment to customer service and operational efficiency, marking a strategic step to fortify its market presence and meet the evolving needs of its customer base across Ghana.

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