Chris Koney’s column: Dancing the night away in Calgary! 

You have been working hard all these years and I don’t see you having a good time. Let’s make the most of your birthday this year. I know you are not intentional about these things but trust me, it has become very necessary at this time. Let’s bring the party to town and you can count on me; we will smash it! Say no more, ask no more, Mr. Koney please make your way here and we will make it happen. And please no disappointments!”
Those were the words of my ‘ride or die’ and ‘personal person’, Harriet Ama Bampoe (Ms. Ama B) inviting me to a birthday treat in Calgary, a cosmopolitan Alberta city with numerous skyscrapers, and known as the centre of Canada’s oil industry. Nicknamed the ‘Cowtown’, the city has a massive July rodeo and festival that grew out of the farming exhibitions it once presented.

On a cold Thursday afternoon, I arrived at the YYC Calgary International Airport from Washington. After going through immigration screening, I grabbed my bags from the baggage carousel; then headed to customs control to make my way out of the airport. Lo and behold, I was received in a VIP style, with Miss Ama B holding a gorgeous bouquet of fresh blooms.
We got into a taxi and drove through the beautiful city as we headed to my apartment, rightly situated in the heart of the city, Downtown Calgary. A vibrant urban centre with an entrepreneurial energy and living in the moment, the refined and cosmopolitan Calgary was named the most liveable city in North America by The Economist two years in a row.
As I was told, planning a trip in Calgary and any other city in the world is easy with Uber, which aids you to compare ways to get around and see what is happening near you. Our plan for the day was completed by reserving a ride with Uber in Calgary. You can trust Miss Ama B to hold you down when she decides to; unending surprises from champaign treatment at the apartment to sightseeing, to fine dining restaurants with amazing people.
My guided tour of Calgary commenced with a unique mode of transport – vintage sidecar motorcycle. An exciting experience, I felt relaxed while the driver took me around the city and narrated the sights along the route. Some breathtaking landmarks included Scotsman’s Hill and Crescent Heights Park, which overlook the heart of Calgary, as well as brief stops for photos in downtown Calgary.

The day ended with a booked dinner at the fascinating Sky 360 Restaurant and Lounge located in the Calgary Tower. It is a rotating eatery offering refined new Canadian fare and bird’s-eye views, plus observation deck access. The restaurant typically offers multi-course meals, sophisticated service and wait staff, and an upscale dining atmosphere. It offers its numerous distinguished clientele elegant and exclusive experiences that pay high prices on small but high quality portions.
Peace Bridge 
It is a bridge that accommodates people walking and cycling across the Bow River in CalgaryAlberta, Canada. The bridge, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, opened for use on March 24, 2012. The bridge was built by The City of Calgary to connect the southern Bow River pathway and Downtown Calgary with the northern Bow River pathway and the community of Sunnyside.

This connection was designed to accommodate the increasing number of people commuting to and from work, and those utilising Calgary’s pathways. The bridge is reportedly used by 6000 people a day and was ranked among the top 10 architectural projects in 2012 and among the top 10 public spaces of 2012.
The Calgary Tower
Located 191 metres above the downtown core, the Calgary Tower offers the best view in the city and is a must-see on any visitor’s itinerary. On the Observation Deck you’ll experience a spectacular 360° view of the bustling city, the majestic Rocky Mountains, the foothills and the prairies.
Originally named the Husky Tower, the Calgary Tower was constructed as a joint venture between Marathon Realty and Husky Oil to honour Canada’s centennial and promote the downtown core as a part of a Calgary urban renewal programme. Today, the tower is a major tourist destination and popular dining spot. Though it has been eclipsed in size, the tower is still a proud city icon.
Sky 360 Restaurant and Lounge
Revolving once per hour, Sky 360 offers more than just magnificent views of the city of Calgary & the Rocky Mountains. Unforgettable food, amazing service, an award-winning wine list and a contemporary design come together to make this unique dining destination a step above the rest.
Downtown Calgary 
In the city of possibility, Downtown is the face and the place of Calgary’s future. It’s a mix of bold entrepreneurship, where dreams become reality and where creative curiosity is unleashed; its toes tapped to music and dipped in the river, drinks sipped from a rooftop and art and culture appreciated up close and personal. Downtown is where it all happens – it’s the pulse of our city and no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.
Downtown is a busy retail and business heart, centred on Calgary Tower, with its sweeping views. The CORE Shopping Centre features the tropical indoor Devonian Gardens and houses upscale boutiques, while Stephen Avenue Walk is lined with mainstream brands, western wear stores, pubs and steakhouses. Regional history and art is the draw at the Glenbow Museum while Contemporary Calgary shows modern artworks.
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