KEK Brokers now highest ranked insurance firm in Ghana Club 100


outranks every underwriter and broker in the country

KEK Insurance Brokers has again proven its dominance in the insurance brokers industry, having been the market leader for more than two decades; but now has gone one step further by emerging the highest placed insurance company in the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre’s latest edition of its elite 100 corporations in the country, ahead of all the primary insurance underwriters which it serves.

It has ranked 34th in the latest edition of GIPC’s Club 100, up from 48th last year; and even more instructively, has ranked 1st in the insurance industry’s rankings within this elite corporate ranking. Instructively, this is the very first time that an insurance brokerage has ranked higher than every single insurance underwriter in these rankings.

In an official statement following this historic feat, the company paid tribute to its customers and staff, asserting that: “We could not have achieved these feats without the continuous support from our cherished clients and our dedicated staff. Congratulations to us all!”

Importantly, KEK Brokers clientele portfolio is in no way tied to political connections and so its growth continues unabated no matter the political administration in power at any given time. Rather, its clients are attracted by the sheer quality and superior value proposition of its services, which are the result of management and professional capacities; it has the biggest team of insurance professionals in the brokerage industry, its capacities matching and, in many cases, exceeding those offered by primary insurance policy underwriters themselves.

KEK Insurance Brokers is a multinational insurance broking firm with subsidiaries in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia. KEK partners the leading global insurance broking firms to provide enhanced broking services to both local and multinational firms in all sectors of the economy.

KEK Insurance Brokers Ltd. was registered in Ghana as a limited liability company in 1985 and obtained the license to operate as an insurance broking and consultancy firm in 1990. KEK provides life and non-life insurance broking as well as risk management consultancy to businesses, households and individuals.

KEK Insurance Brokers is well-placed to add value to the businesses of our clients in a profitable way by providing quality, professional, excellent and time-bound management of clients’ insurance programmes.

It is the biggest insurance brokerage in Ghana with a market share of 15.4 percent as at 2022, earning commissions of GH¢37.355million during the year. Interestingly, it has a similar leadership position in the reinsurance brokerage industry as well. In 2022 KEK Reinsurance had a market share of 5.4 percent, generating commissions of GH¢13.129million.

This adds up to a cumulative market share of 20.8 percent of the overall insurance and reinsurance brokerage market with overall income of GH¢50.684million in 2022.

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