Ambassador Stephen Kojo Sackey calls for peace and positive transformation


The International Association of World Peace Advocates has announced the appointment of Stephen Kojo Sackey as the UN’s Eminent Peace Ambassador and African Countries’ Focal Point to the United Nations (UN).

The organisation has held UN Special Consultative Economic and Social Council Status (ECOSOC) since 2019. It is headquartered in the US and Denmark, with regional offices in Nigeria and South Africa.

As Ghana prepares for next year’s general elections, Mr. Sackey urged political leaders to reject hate speech and divisive rhetoric – emphasising a common destiny beyond political affiliations. He called on the Electoral Commission to ensure transparent, accountable and fair elections, recognising the importance of proper election management in preventing chaos.

Expressing gratitude for Ghana’s continuous stability and commendable work of the security apparatus, Mr. Sackey acknowledges the nation’s role as a beacon of hope globally. He extends his call for peace to war-torn areas including Ukraine, Russia, Palestine and Israel, emphasising that peace is foundational for development.

In a heartfelt appeal to African youth, Mr. Sackey urges them not to be conduits for political violence; emphasising the vast opportunities awaiting those who choose a peaceful path. He recommends a revolutionary shift in mindset, advocating the construction of strong institutions and peaceful societies democratically and positively.

As an end-of-year message, Ambassador Sackey highlights the transformative power of shaping our thoughts; likening the construction of peace to the deconstruction of conflict. He encourages everyone to embrace a mindset that fosters democracy, positivity and the building of resilient institutions.

Mr. Sackey’s appointment marks a significant milestone for the International Association of World Peace Advocates. His message resonates not only within the context of Ghana’s upcoming elections but extends globally, emphasising the universal importance of peace, stability and the collective responsibility of shaping a harmonious future.

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