Geolicraft’s CEO foresees handicraft sector as catalyst for Ghana’s economic transformation


Geolicraft’s CEO, George Akologo, has emphasized the transformative potential of the handicraft sector on Ghana’s economy.

Asia, the current leader in handicraft production, falls short in quality compared to Ghana, prompting Akologo to advocate involving the Tourism, Art, and Culture Ministry and investors in sector discussions.

Mr. Akologo, therefore, proposes the establishment of Ghanaian warehouses globally to facilitate international sourcing.

Geolicraft secured a one-million-euro grant from Investment for Employment in May to establish a craft vocational center, nearing completion.

Highlighting the enormous potential of the craft industry to generate jobs and foreign income, Mr. Akologo envisions converting the Arts Centre in Accra into a craft hub.

He attributes challenges in land acquisition and relocation to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture.

Geolicraft plans to emulate Asia’s annual craft exhibitions in Ghana, fostering long-term investment relationships. The company aims to collaborate with the Tourism Ministry, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, and others for the inaugural international craft roadshow.

Geolicraft addresses the issue of illegal migration by establishing warehouses in Bolgatanga, offering a market for women basket weavers. The upcoming Geolicraft training institute aims to provide not only education but also guidance for producers to enhance their craft and access export markets.

As part of its corporate social responsibilities, Geolicraft conducted eye screenings in Shai Osudoku and surrounding areas, alongside donating ambulances to hospitals nationwide.

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