Rice farmers rally support post Akosombo Dam Spillage


In the wake of the Akosombo Dam spillage, the Ghana Rice Federation underscores the dire situation faced by rice farmers whose fields were inundated.

These farmers are in critical need of financial aid and additional support, such as soil testing, to swiftly revive their livelihoods.

In a statement, the Federation notes that its ongoing collation of data on losses suffered by its member farmers is staggering, spanning from complete destruction of rice fields ready for harvest to the devastation of freshly planted fields.

“Several farmers were unable to harvest their rice on time to take advantage of the Christmas season and some have had fields they invested in, which would have been ready for harvest next year completely destroyed. Rice farmers have not only lost their capital but are also in debt with their financiers,” the Federation said.

It further emphasized that this devastating situation not only impacts individual farmers but also casts a shadow over the economic stability of the communities, individuals and businesses reliant on rice farming. The ripple effect of a distressed rice industry will therefore be felt directly and indirectly beyond these communities.

Taking proactive steps, the Ghana Rice Federation, in a recent meeting, initiated plans to establish a specialized sub-group comprising rice growers in the Asutsuare/Akuse enclave. This group aims to collaborate with key stakeholders in the rice value chain to aid flood-affected farmers in reclaiming their financial stability and livelihoods.

In response to these substantial harvest losses, farmers have united to counter these setbacks through an organized pre-financing scheme and the provision of technical expertise facilitated by the Ghana Rice Federation. This comprehensive approach involves proposed partnerships with renowned soil research institutions like the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to enhance soil quality to optimize yields, and expedite the recovery process for farmers to settle their debts and restore their livelihoods.

Through this press release, the Ghana Rice Federation appeals for collaboration from stakeholders and interested parties to work together to support affected rice farmers and ultimately for the establishment of a sustainable and prosperous rice industry.

The Ghana Rice Federation is located at Labone Arcade, Shop No. 7, and their website is www.ghanarice.org. For inquiries please contact him directly at +233 20 852 1117 or +233 302 797 956.

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