GAfF- SHARP Programme clinches best institution in agriculture at 2023 Farmers Day celebration


In a momentous occasion at the Ketu South Municipal Assembly’s 2023 Farmers Day celebration, Governance Africa Foundation (GAfF) stood out by winning the award for Best Institution engaged in Agriculture. The recognition was a testament to GAfF’s unwavering commitment to agricultural development through their flagship program, Schools and Home Agricultural Revival Program (SHARP). SHARP was inaugurated on 21st July, 2023 at St Paul’s Senior High School (SPACO) as part of their 65th Anniversary celebrations.

The program not only emphasizes the importance of agriculture in educational institutions but also extends its reach to the youth, encouraging them to partake in backyard gardening, cropping, livestock rearing, and aquaculture. Successful institutions and participants will be given recognition and awards to reward their efforts, with the ultimate goal of encouraging them to pursue agrobusiness ventures. This holistic approach instills a sense of responsibility in the youth towards sustainable agricultural practices and also lays the foundation for the next generation of agricultural entrepreneurs.

GAfF understands the importance of collaboration and sponsorship in ensuring the sustainability of their programs. As GAfF continues to make strides in agricultural education and advocacy through the SHARP program, the foundation is seeking sponsorship from local businesses to sponsor copies of the pocket-size constitution at a rate of Ghc 3 per copy. In return, sponsors will enjoy prominent visibility with their logos and advertisements featured in the sponsored copies. Furthermore, sponsors will receive acknowledgment in all SHARP events, programs, and media coverage. Together, we can sow the seeds of knowledge and cultivate a prosperous future for our nation.

We extend our sincere appreciation to our partners and sponsors, including the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Business and Financial Times (B&FT) for their unwavering commitment to reaching a wider audience and effectively educating the public on the provisions of the 1992 constitution of Ghana, and C. Woermann Gh, for their invaluable support.

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