Khalistan extremism eroding Canada’s inclusivity; spreading religious hate


In November 2023, a Khalistani group protested outside the Hindu Laxmi Narayan temple in Surrey, British Columbia.

In August 2023, a Hindu temple in Surrey, British Columbia, was vandalized with Khalistan referendum posters and pictures of a slain Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) chief.

In April 2023, the BAPS Swaminarayan temple in Windsor, Ontario, was defaced with anti-India graffiti.

In July 2022, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi located at the Vishnu Mandir in Richmond Hill, Ontario, was vandalized with Khalistani slogans.

The above incidents are not isolated events; they represent a pattern of intimidation and harassment that is targeting minority communities in Canada.

A nation once renowned for its multiculturalism and inclusivity, Canada is facing a growing concern with the rise of Khalistani extremism and its spillover effects on the country’s social fabric. Recent incidents involving protests, threats, and violence outside places of worship have cast a shadow over Canada’s reputation as a welcoming haven for all.

The actions of these radical elements have not only caused fear and anxiety among Hindu communities but have also threatened to disrupt the harmonious coexistence that has long been a hallmark of Canadian society. The targeting of places of worship, symbols of peace and spiritual solace, is an egregious act of intolerance that cannot be tolerated.

Chandra Arya, a Canadian MP, has been consistently raising his voice against these incidents, urging the government to take decisive action. However, his efforts have been met with seemingly deaf ears, leaving him feeling like “a broken record.”

The lack of concrete action from the authorities has emboldened these extremist groups, giving them the impression that they can operate with impunity. This inaction has also sent a disheartening message to minority communities, making them feel vulnerable and unprotected.

The rise of Khalistan extremism in Canada is not merely a matter of religious intolerance; it is an attack on the very foundation of Canadian society – inclusivity, diversity, and respect for all.

The Canadian government must take immediate and decisive steps to address this issue and reassure its citizens that it is committed to upholding the values that make Canada a truly inclusive nation.

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