Insurance uncomplicated: smartCover simplifying coverage


In a world craving simplicity, smartCover from Enterprise Computing Ltd. (ECL) emerges as the digitally innovative advantage in the insurance landscape. Wave goodbye to paperwork chaos and complex jargon – smartCover transforms insurance into a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Picture this: insurance operations streamlined to the ease of sending a text message. Agents using smartCover mobile or web app can swiftly onboard customers, generate quotes, process payments and issue certificates through a sophisticated yet simple interface.

No more waiting in the dark. Real-time email and SMS notifications accompany each transaction, keeping all stakeholders in the loop. The era of revenue losses due to sticker reconciliation woes is over, thanks to smartCover’s real-time motor sticker issuance tracking.

But the brilliance of smartCover doesn’t stop at efficiency; it caters to businesses’ unique needs with customisable plans. Feeling a bit lost as an end-user too? Fret not – the friendly chatbot is your guide through the insurance maze.

Is smartCover a game-changer? Absolutely! It not only makes insurance easy and convenient but also removes any hassle from the process. Transparency is the name of the game, ensuring you’re in the know about every aspect of your coverage. In the world of insurance, smartCover isn’t just attending the party – it’s leading the dance. So, why not take a spin? Discover the unexpected coolness of insurance with smartCover.

About ECL:

Enterprise Computing Ltd. (ECL) is a professional services company delivering specialised technology solutions and consultancy to businesses worldwide. With service offerings in Business Process Automation, Cybersecurity, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Backup and Recovery among others, ECL is committed to ensuring business success while providing organisations with 24/7 fanatical support.

About author: The writer is Chief Technology Officer-ECL

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