GH Exporters charged to take advantage of GH-EU iEPA


Head of Economic and Trade Section-European Union (EU), Raffaele Quarto, has urged Ghanaian exporters to take advantage of the Ghana-European Interim Economic Partnership Agreement in order to access all 27 member-countries.

Speaking to journalist at an interaction section organised by Compete Ghana on access to selected European markets, Mr. Quarto said a Ghanaian exporter would have access to over 500 million consumers when exporting; and is not faced with duties or portal restriction as agreed in 2016 between Ghana and the EU to give free access, therefore the need to take advantage and expand their businesses.

He further encouraged exporters to export goods that are of high quality and standard, and noted the need to consider diversity – particularly for consumers with different approaches, languages and needs, since the united market space has 22 different languages representing 27 countries.

Mr. Quarto said exportation by Ghanaians has almost doubled since the iEPA’s signing.

“In the past few years since the iEPA agreement between EU and Ghana, exportation has almost doubled and Ghana is gradually shifting from the traditional way of exporting to non-traditional exports.”

He added that the change from traditional to non-traditional exporting, thus from raw materials to processed or semi processed foods, has allowed Ghanaian exporters to become competitive among other countries.

Assuring Ghanaians of the EU’s continued support, he indicated that the EU is looking for other means to make sure investments are brought to Ghana instead of other African countries.

Head of DEinternational Services and Key Account, German Industry and Commerce-Ghana, Richard Ekow Mensah also encouraged Ghanaian exporters who are interested in doing business within the German market space to visit the Ghana Export Promotion Authority to be trained on regulations, rules and policies as far as standardisation is concerned before exporting.

Reiterating the importance of standards in exportation he said, “I will always encourage Ghanaian exporters to stick to the standards in Europe when exporting; since when one meets all necessary standards in one member-country, it gives him or her the privilege of expanding his or her business to European markets since their exportation standards cut across all.”

Mr. Mensah added that to support exporters and local producers expand their businesses, the German government has collaborated with the German Development Bank (GDB), Access Bank and the German Desk to provide financial assistance to them.

Team Leader-Compete Ghana, Nicholas Gebara, said 40 companies have been trained on how to access the EU market under the iEPA, with representatives from various embassies and bilateral chambers of commerce presenting the opportunities in their respective countries to Ghanaian exporters.

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