American International School CEO honoured as ‘Icon of Inspiration and Impact’


In a groundbreaking moment, Mrs. Adelaide Siaw Agyepong, CEO-American International School, has achieved yet another milestone by being crowned ‘Icon of Inspiration and Impact for the Year 2023’.

The crowning achievement took place in Accra, where Mrs. Siaw Agyepong surpassed contemporaries to clinch this prestigious title at the 5th Anniversary National Communications Summit & Awards 2023 organised by Brand Focus Magazine.

Upon receiving the award, Mrs. Siaw Agyepong humbly described the ‘Icon of Inspiration’ accolade as a heartfelt acknowledgment of the positive influence she has wielded within the community. Grateful for the recognition, she expressed resolute commitment to sustaining her efforts for the greater good.

“This recognition is not merely an award; it serves as a poignant reminder of the journey, the unwavering support and the enduring commitment to effecting positive change,” she emphasised.

Mrs. Siaw Agyepong extended heartfelt thanks to her family and friends – particularly acknowledging the unwavering support from her husband and children, who have been the driving force behind her ambitious pursuits.

Reflecting on her journey, she conveyed appreciation to the dedicated individuals who shared in her vision – contributing significantly to the collective success. Her gratitude was extended with a prayer for their well-being, stating “May God meet each of them at the point of their need”.

Addressing the younger generation, Mrs. Siaw Agyepong imparted valuable advice by urging young women to navigate their paths with the understanding that beginnings do not define destinations. She emphasised the importance of embracing the support of loved ones who believe in their potential.

Asserting the power of young women to inspire and make lasting impacts, she stressed: “This ‘Icon of Inspiration’ award is not just a recognition of my journey but a testament to the influence we can wield. Every young woman must believe in their capabilities, persist through challenges, and let their achievements be a source of inspiration for others”.

Mrs. Siaw Agyepong expressed hope that the endeavours of young women will be fuelled by passion, resilience and a commitment to positive change; acknowledging the inevitable obstacles but encouraging determination and reliance on divine support to overcome them.

She urged young women to continue striving, believing and recognising their potential to become icons of inspiration in their own right. Looking ahead, she promised continued dedication to inspiring others through her journey, achievements and the values that have guided her in aspiring to be a source of motivation and positive change.

The 5th Anniversary National Communications Summit & Awards 2023 – Ghana Digitalisation Impact Edition stands as a significant celebration, bringing together key stakeholders, industry experts, government officials, innovators and thought-leaders in the realm of digitalisation. Serving as a platform to honour remarkable achievements, this event showcases initiatives which have left an indelible impact on the digital landscape of Ghana.

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