344 police officers promoted to ASP


A total of 344 Ghana Police Service (GPS) officers have attained Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) rank, following their successful completion of an intensive 6-month Police Cadet Officers’ Course at the Ghana Police Academy in Accra.

The officers, made up of 260 males and 84 females, were ushered into the Senior Officer Corps of the Police Service after their graduation parade – being the 52nd cohort to pass out of the Police Academy’s Cadet Course.

Vice President Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia, who was reviewing officer at the graduation ceremony, acknowledged the ongoing paradigm shift in the Cadet Officers’ training regime.

He highlighted the course’s comprehensive approach, seamlessly blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications.

Dr. Bawumia emphasised the course’s adaptability to emerging dynamics of democratic policing, enriched by collaborative efforts with stakeholders. Furthermore, he applauded the cultivation of more confident and practically-oriented law enforcement leadership at the District and Unit levels across the nation.

Against this backdrop, he urged the officers to work hard on maintaining and improving the standards set by their predecessors to enhance safety and security for the socio-economic development of communities.

Dr. Bawumia pledged that he is committed, as Chairman of the Police Council, to fulfilling his constitutional role alongside the Council team, to ensure administrative and operational aspects of the Service benefit both officers and citizens.

“In law enforcement, leadership marked by discipline, professionalism and integrity is crucial for success and credibility. Fostering a culture based on these principles is not just a preference for the Ghana Police; it is a necessity to uphold public trust and respect,” he stated.

He therefore enjoined the officers to adhere to rules and regulations, particularly by staying within the command structure in handling our grievances.

Meanwhile, he said, government will continue to resource the Police Service and enable it to continue playing its constitutional role of maintaining law and order; so that all citizens can go about their business without let or hindrance.

To this end, he noted that the construction of additional infrastructure such as lecture rooms, an ultra-modern auditorium and residential accommodation is nearing completion at the Academy. “This is intended to improve teaching and learning, and to adequately accommodate the increasing number of officers admitted to the Academy,” he remarked.

Also, he mentioned that government continues to support decentralisation efforts of the new Formed Police Units across the country. So far, over 122 bases have been established across the country.

Furthermore, the Vice President commended Police Administration for leveraging the ongoing government digitisation and digitalisation agenda to strengthen Police reform initiatives to meet contemporary policing aspirations and improve law enforcement service delivery.

He observed that the Police in collaboration with the National Road Safety Authority, have developed and deployed digital solution tools christened ‘TRAFFITECH-GH’ which streamline the enforcement of road traffic laws and regulations to improve road safety in Ghana.

Government, he assured, will support expedited roll-out of implementation across the country to help stem the increasing tide of preventable crashes with attendant property damage, injuries to persons and fatalities.

He said: “While I commend the Police Service, National Road Safety Authority and all other stakeholders for this feat, a lot more can be done; and I am confident the TRAFFITECH-GH project will go a long way to help in this regard.”

As the country heads into an election year, Dr. Bawumia also reminded the officers of their pivotal roles and responsibilities – urging them to exhibit the highest level of professionalism heading into, during and after the general elections.

Among others, he encouraged police officers to be exemplary law-abiding citizens for others to emulate. “As professionals, always remember to treat people the way you wish yourselves, your spouse or your children to be treated. Therefore, in enforcing the law, be fair, firm and fearless,” he said.

Some of the officers who excelled during the Cadet Officer’s Course were recognised during the graduation, with Cadet Officer Frank Fialor emerging as Overall Best Cadet.

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