BeTechConnected unveils ‘Future of Work Tour’ project


…hopes to Transform and empower African youth

BeTechConnected, a dynamic tech community dedicated to fostering the Future of Work, has launched its groundbreaking initiative, the ‘Future of Work Tour’, aimed at creating awareness, imparting valuable skills, and connecting Job-Ready Talents with Global Tech Opportunities.

As an organization committed to bridging the gap between education and employment, BeTechConnected has consistently fulfilled its mission by providing training, mentorship, and opportunities to university-level talents and young professionals.

In a strategic move to extend its impact across the African continent, starting from Ghana, BeTechConnected organized a flagship event named the ‘Future of Work’, which served as the launchpad for the ambitious ‘Future of Work Tour’. This initiative seeks to assemble tech leaders from diverse industries to discuss the evolving job landscape and guide youth on positioning themselves for future opportunities.

The ‘Future of Work Tour’ is set to roll out across public and private universities in Ghana, targeting a minimum of 5,000 university students and young professionals. The comprehensive training program will cover a spectrum of tech skills crucial for today’s job market, including Graphic Design,UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing, Tech Sales, Graphic Design, Software Development, Accounting, Customer Support, Data Analytics, among others.

This hands-on and intensive training initiative, scheduled to run throughout 2024, is a collaborative effort with various universities and institutions dedicated to talent development. BeTechConnected aims to not only equip the youth with essential skills but also to prepare them for the global job market. The project is poised to make a significant impact in curbing unemployment and enhancing the employability of the youth.

“We believe that with the support of major stakeholders in capacity building and talent development, together we can contribute to addressing the critical issues of unemployment and empower the youth for a brighter future,” said Akosua Osei, Founder of BeTechConnected and Convener, Future of Work.

BeTechConnected calls upon individuals, businesses, and organizations to join hands in contributing to this impactful cause. Together, we can uplift the youth and pave the way for a more skilled and employable workforce. The entire team at BeTechConnected expresses gratitude for the support and commitment of all stakeholders.

BeTechConnected is a leading tech community dedicated to promoting the Future of Work and connecting Job-Ready African Talents to Global Tech Opportunities. Through training, mentorship, and strategic partnerships, BeTechConnected strives to empower the youth and bridge the gap between education and employment.

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