Absa ignites dreams, engages more than 20,000 Ravers atTidal Rave Festival 2023

Ravers at the Absa Ignition Market at Tidal Rave Festival 2023. Photo Credit: Tidal Rave Festival

Tidal Rave Festival, which was dubbed “The New Rave” provided the perfect setting for Absa to reinforce its message of igniting the dreams of young entrepreneurs and young people.

Absa as a financial institution, has embarked on a campaign by setting up the Ignition Account product as a means of incentivizing young people to open bank accounts and embark on a financial journey.

The Ignition Account is a low-risk interest-bearing account that lets account holders earn interest on tiered levels. The more Ravers deposit, the more they get back.

At Tidal Rave, Absa leveraged the festival to support young entrepreneurs who were set up in The Ignition Market – which is normally known as a vendor market. At the Ignition Market, Absa Ghana assisted Ravers to load money onto their Rave Balance which was used to make purchases at the Ignition Market.

As a financial institution and a brand that wants to support the dreams of young entrepreneurs, Absa Ghana’s core interest and consumer engagement was the Absa Ignition Market. Absa Ghana took up the cost of setting up the market such that the entrepreneurs did not have to pay the usual vendor fee they pay to sell at most events. Absa Ghana also went further to create a content experience zone where their consumers who were at the festival as Ravers could also hang out.

This engagement provided the perfect brand alignment with the goal of the Tidal Rave Festival which had its own full experiences featuring a host of daytime experiences such as a fashion runway, Creators Cove, a dance studio, a sound stage, and a play area, among other exciting activities.

To bring a full dance experience to life, the festival brought the Surf and Surf Dance Studio. This studio served as the ultimate hangout for dance lovers who recreated some of the trendy TikTok dance moves.

In addition, there was something for the Fashion community. The Sun, Sand, and Style runway was not reserved for a select few. However, every Raver got the opportunity to experience strutting their stuff on a runway like supermodels do while showing off their best beach look.

Content creators were not left out of the Tidal Rave experience. Tidal Rave Festival set up the Creator’s Cove – a curated spot for content creators. This space was for content creators to explore new ways of creating exciting content.

The festival closed with a high-energy concert with back-to-back performances from leading MC, DJs, and artists including Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, King Promise, Samini, Efya, KiDi, La Meme, DJ Vyrusky, Kojo Manuel among others.

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