Fidelity Bank delivers impressive Q3 performance


…showcases resilience and strong financial growth

Fidelity Bank Ghana Ltd, the largest privately-owned Ghanaian bank, has once again showcased its commitment to excellence by delivering an impressive and robust financial performance in the third quarter of 2023. This achievement underscores the bank’s resilience in the face of recent sector challenges, positioning it as a driving force in Ghana’s financial landscape.

Fidelity Bank continues to forge ahead on a significant growth trajectory, underpinned by solid figures across key financial metrics. This success is a testament to the bank’s well-thought-out strategy, aimed at fortifying operational capabilities, diversifying its service portfolio, and deepening its commitment to sustainability and community development.

According to the Q3 report, Fidelity Bank Ghana achieved a remarkable surge in its operating income, reaching an impressive GH¢1.38 billion, representing a substantial 36percent increase compared to the same period last year.

This robust growth showcases the bank’s strategic agility in seizing market opportunities even in a challenging business environment. Notably, the bank’s profit before income tax soared by 40percent, reaching GH¢620.73 million, reaffirming its prudent financial management and forward-thinking approach.

The bank also registered a commendable 7percent growth in assets, amounting to GH¢15.94 billion, a testament to its strong financial standing and astute risk management practices. A notable 5percent increase in loans and advances to customers, totaling GH¢3.03 billion, underscores the bank’s unwavering commitment to facilitating access to credit. Furthermore, a substantial 25percent growth in deposits from customers reinforces the efficacy of the bank’s customer-centric strategies and innovative product offerings.

Moreover, Fidelity Bank maintained a robust Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) which remains pegged well above the prudential minimum regulatory requirement. This achievement underscores the bank’s strong capital base and a culture of rigorous risk management. The bank also reported a 67percent increase in Shareholder’s funds, closing the third quarter at GH¢1.09 billion. Notably, this amounts to a full-scale recovery of the post-DDEP impact losses incurred.

John Glover, Director for Strategy and Performance at Fidelity Bank, expressed his delight with these results and emphasized the bank’s commitment to exceeding expectations and meeting the needs of its customers, shareholders, and stakeholders. He remains confident that the bank will continue to perform well and achieve its objectives.

Beyond being a financial powerhouse, Fidelity Bank Ghana is a shining example of social responsibility. The bank’s recent contribution of GH¢ 147,614 to the Enactus team at C.K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences underscores its dedication to nurturing youth entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, the bank’s donation of GH¢100,000 worth of essential relief items to the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to aid flood victims in the Volta region demonstrates its unwavering support for the community during times of crisis.

The bank’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship was further highlighted through a month-long awareness campaign designed to foster a culture of sustainability consciousness among Ghanaians.

Julian Opuni, Managing Director of Fidelity Bank Ghana, emphasized the bank’s resilience and community-centric values, which have been pivotal in driving impactful change within Ghana’s banking industry. He stated, “Our resilience extends beyond our financial performance; we are an integral part of the communities we serve. Our commitment to sustainable development, youth empowerment, and environmental stewardship remains at the core of our values.”

“As an indigenous financial institution, we are proud of our role in fostering a prosperous future for Ghana, and we remain poised to elevate our impact even further,” he added.

Fidelity Bank’s exceptional performance in the third quarter of 2023 not only highlights its resilience, strategic acumen, and robust operational capabilities but also reinforces the bank’s commitment and significant contribution to ensuring societal well-being. The institution steadfastly upholds its core values, placing significant emphasis on a customer-centric approach, resilience, and sustainability in all its endeavors.

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