‘I See You Ky33’ festival comes off in Accra this Dec


– a night of music, culture, fashion, art & connect

For festival lovers, party-goers and everyone who loves lifetime experiences, then get ready to have a good time from December 27-30, 2023 inside Kisseman and West Legon and its environs in Accra, Ghana, as the organizers of the maiden edition of ‘I See You Ky33’, have promised nothing short of absolute bliss.

For an idea that started from a conversation where two friends asked themselves of what were the possibilities of having all their distant-friends that have been away for years, coming back to one big-happy-family groove, a day where fun and beautiful happenings could, should and would happen under the floodlights, as well as written in the sands of time. Those thoughts of an annual community gathering will be coming off this year as a reality.

As an Accra Community Festival which encapsulates music, culture and connect; organizers want to instill unity, erase segregation among different classes, and pray everyone to become ‘one’. Through the day’s activities organizers want attendees to know each other, build trust, love and harmony.

Talking about the activities planned to be hosted in December because so many people are supposedly going to be free, attendees and visitors alike are promised the taste of happiness in the mapped out programme outline below…

27th – Educational programme with the kids titled, “can you imagine”, skating, bicycle stunts, dancing competition, face painting.

28th – General cleaning in the neighborhood, tree planting across to create an environment of a community garden. There will be a musical float across the streets, long table dinner on the street where everyone comes out with their foods to be shared on one-table. Vigil for the lost souls in the community.

29th – Live band and cultural performances for the older folks in the community, artworks, street fashion shows.

30th – An ensemble party to climax the festival.

For first timers coming to Kisseman and West Legon (where the idea started from) and its environs in Ghana this year, organizers have promised from beginning to end – beautiful performances, music, interactions, love and total bliss. @i_see_you_ky33 on all social media platforms.

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