Chanrai Brands extends a helping hand to Akosombo Dam spillage victims


Following the devastating Akosombo Dam spillage that has left thousands of families displaced and in urgent need of assistance, Chanrai Brands – a family-oriented business – has rallied its resources to offer essential support and relief for affected victims.

Acknowledging the situation’s gravity, Chanrai Brands has demonstrated unwavering commitment to helping those in dire need during these challenging times.

The company visited some victims at Aflao Traditional Area and Aveyime Torkor in the Mepe Tongu area, who have been grappling with the aftermath of this calamity, in a heartfelt gesture of solidarity and compassion.

A substantial donation was also made for Citi FM to further bolster their consolidated efforts in reaching even more affected regions. The total donation included 1,200 pieces of 900 gramme Blue Band Multipurpose variant, 10,000 rolls of bread, bags of water, clothing, mosquito nets, personal care items and some cash to assist with the recovery efforts.

Vishant Chanrai, Managing Director-Chanrai Brands, expressed the company’s commitment to affected families, stating: “Chanrai Brands is not just a business; it is a family. We understand the importance of coming together to support displaced families in this dire time. Our hearts go out to the victims, and we stand with them in their time of need.

“The family always believes in supporting all its stakeholders, including the communities where we operate. ”

Ama Mawusi Mawuenyefia, Head-Marketing, Category & Channel Development, Chanrai Brands, emphasised the commitment of Blue Band to children’s development, saying: “We are aware that around 20,000 schoolchildren have been impacted by this disaster. Blue Band has always been dedicated to the healthy development of growing kids, and this is why we felt compelled to support and provide for those affected. We believe it’s our duty to step in and help these children and their families get through this tough period. We encourage everyone to join us in extending their support to these victims”.

The need is great, and every contribution makes a significant difference. The company remains dedicated to its values of compassion, family and community, and extends its deepest gratitude to all who have already contributed to this vital cause.

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