Delta Air Lines wins CSR Excellence Award for Aviation


Delta Air Lines, the leading US carrier in Ghana, has been named the recipient of the prestigious Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Excellence Award for Aviation in Ghana at the10th edition of the Ghana CSR Excellence Awards (GHACEA). The award is a testament of Delta’s unwavering commitment to investing in Ghana beyond flight operations.

Delta Air Lines secured the award based on its exceptional contributions to various social programmes in Ghana. The airline – through collaboration with local organisations in the health, education and aviation sector; namely Breast Care International, Junior Achievement Ghana and Women in Aviation, Ghana – has consistently promoted initiatives aimed at benefitting the Ghanaian community, especially women and girls, and reducing its environmental impact.

Receiving the award on behalf of Delta Air Lines, Sales Manager in Ghana, Eloina Baddoo, reiterated Delta’s dedication to sustainable practices and commitment in making significant impacts beyond financial gains. She said: “Delta believes that social responsibility lies at the intersection of its values and expertise, guiding its education and wellness initiatives in Ghana.

“Over 100,000 Ghanaians have benefitted from our social interventions through the ‘Kick out cancer campaign’, Delta Innovations camps, and the women empowerment events in the aviation industry,” she said. “Delta hopes to continue this in years to come as it serves the Ghanaian market.”

In the health sector, Delta Air Lines and Breast Care International have intensified breast cancer awareness and improved the quality of life of women at risk of breast cancer in Ghanaian communities by providing quality educational outreaches, screening, counselling, treatment and support. This initiative, dubbed the Kick Out Cancer Campaign, has reached several women and detected over 2000 cancer cases.

In addition, the Delta Breast Cancer Pop Up Clinics every Thursday and Friday in the month of October, at the 1st floor of Nester Square, have screened several customers and guests who visit the Delta Sales Office. The Delta Airports Operations team, in partnership with Women in Aviation, have organised series of breast cancer awareness events for women in the airport and aviation community.

Besides the health sector, Delta Air Lines has consistently contributed to STEM education in Ghana through its annual Delta Innovation Camps. The project, a business simulation workshop that brings together Ghanaian university students to find solutions to real-life business situations, has enhanced the creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills of several students.

Co-Founder and Lead Project Manager for the Centre for CSR West Africa, Mr. John Kojo Williams, at the opening of the event, said: “When we reward people and companies for contributing meaningfully to society beyond profiteering, it will encourage them to do more and it will encourage others to emulate their good deeds; and society will be better for it”.

As a leading US carrier in Ghana, Delta Air Lines believes in giving back to the markets they serve. The airline has been operating in the Ghanaian market for over 16 years, connecting people to their destinations.

Delta Air Lines expresses gratitude for the recognition and remains committed to continuing its corporate social responsibility efforts in Ghana. The airline’s commitment to the community extends beyond providing exceptional air travel services, embodying a genuine dedication to making a difference in people’s lives.

GHACEA is the biggest and longest running CSR initiative; and in a world where corporate social responsibility is increasingly important, brands like Delta Air Lines are making genuine difference in Ghana by investing in sustainable environmental practices, community development and ultimately supporting the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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