MANJE Health and SIC sign health remittance agreement


In a significant move to enhance healthcare coverage for Ghanaians living in the diaspora and their family members back home, MANJE Health and SIC Life Insurance Ltd. have entered into a strategic partnership.

The agreement, announced at a press conference in Accra, seeks to simplify the process of securing health insurance for Ghanaians abroad and ensure that their remittances are directly used to support their family members’ medical needs.

Prudence Mafuta Persson, Co-founder of MANJE Health, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration – emphasising the importance of making healthcare coverage more accessible.

“We are excited to work with SIC Life, our local insurance partner in Ghana, to provide health insurance coverage for the over 4 million Ghanaians living in the diaspora,” she stated. “Our partnership with SIC Life will involve rolling out various programmes and products designed to connect Ghanaians abroad with healthcare services in Ghana and secure their transactions.”

Ghana holds a prominent position in the diaspora market, ranking fourth in Africa and second in sub-Saharan Africa. With over 4 million Ghanaians residing abroad and a remittance volume exceeding US$3billion, the potential impact of this partnership is substantial.

Ms. Persson pointed out that one of the key issues in remittance is the uncertainty of how funds are allocated, particularly for medical needs. With this new platform, MANJE Health aims to offer a solution that connects Ghanaians with hospitals and healthcare professionals in Ghana while ensuring that funds sent from abroad directly contribute to the healthcare system.

Kwaku Appiah-Menka II, Managing Director-SIC Life Company Ltd., echoed the excitement about this innovative collaboration. “This is a very exciting time for us because the 4 million Ghanaians in the diaspora contribute US$3billion to the economy, and we aim to tap into this significant market,” he stated. “We are pleased to play a critical role in expanding financial and social inclusion for our nation. This partnership aims to increase insurance penetration, which has been stuck between 1% and 2% for a long time. We hope to raise it to 3-4 percent in the near-future.”

Mr. Appiah-Menka II highlighted the importance of collaboration and innovation in achieving these goals. “We are working with various organisations, including MANJE Health, and have other discussions underway. We plan to design products specifically for this platform and market them aggressively, not only in Ghana but also beyond,” he stated. “Collaboration is key, and we believe that innovation is the key to regaining a strong position in the industry.”

The partnership between MANJE Health and SIC Life Insurance Ltd. not only addresses the healthcare needs of the Ghanaian diaspora, but also has potential to boost the nation’s insurance industry and improve financial inclusion.

As Ghana continues to be a top destination for remittances from abroad, this collaboration is poised to make a significant impact by streamlining the process of supporting family members’ healthcare needs in the homeland.

With the innovative platform proposed by MANJE Health and the commitment of SIC Life Insurance Ltd., the hope is that Ghanaians abroad will have an easier and more secure way to connect with healthcare providers in Ghana and ensure their hard-earned money directly contributes to the country’s healthcare system. The partnership sets a promising precedent for similar collaborations aimed at enhancing the lives and well-being of the Ghanaian diaspora and their loved ones at home.

Ghana’s Ambassador to Denmark and Sweden, Her Excellency Sylvia Naa Adaawa Annoh said: “I see this as a challenge and an opportunity; although ‘The child has not yet been born’, we believe in this project. We believe good things will come from this agreement, and that it will benefit both of us. Thank you so much for your trust and support. This is just the beginning of the journey, but I believe that it will be successful and fruitful”.

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