Inlaks announces listing of Dormant Accounts Management system on Temenos Exchange


Inlaks, a leading ICT infrastructure and systems integrator in sub-Saharan Africa, has announced the listing of its Dormant Accounts Management system on the Temenos Exchange, the partner ecosystem of integrated Fintech solutions.

The Inlaks Dormant Accounts Management Solution is a robust and agile application designed to help financial institutions in re-activating accounts remotely in the comfort of their homes. The tool addresses concerns related to internal and external fraud, regulatory compliance standards, enhances the bank’s deposit base, re-engages customers, and reduces the load on the core banking system. This results in improved system performance and smoother close-of-business processing.

The Dormant Accounts Management System (The Temenos Banking Cloud – Temenos) offers a range of high-level business benefits, working seamlessly with all the Temenos solutions. The system will ease the data pressure and possible fraud and improve system performance, solving a business challenge and global banking concern that align with the interests of internal and external stakeholders.

Temenos Exchange brings innovation to market faster and at scale, offering pre-integrated and approved Fintech solutions that can be easily deployed on the Temenos open platform for composable banking, enabling banks to accelerate the creation of new financial services while reducing the costs of development.

Speaking on the listing, Executive Director – Inlaks, Olufemi Muraino, said: “We are happy to announce our partnership with Temenos, aimed at serving the Global Market. This collaboration represents another significant stride in adding value and benefits to the Temenos community. Inlaks availability on Temenos Exchange further extends our commitment to the banking community and enables Temenos customers to easily reap the benefits of the Inlaks Dormant Accounts Management System. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Temenos platform to help us achieve our business goals.”

Martin Bailey, Director of Innovation and Ecosystems – Temenos, said: “Temenos Exchange acts as an accelerator for Fintechs and software developers, helping them develop, validate and monetise new banking solutions. The integration with Temenos and joining Temenos Exchange means Inlaks can write once and be readily available to the thousands of banks globally that run on our platform”.


Inlaks is a leading systems integrator in sub-Saharan Africa, with operations in Nigeria, Ghana, East Africa and other sub-Saharan African regions. The company partners with leading OEMs in the technology industry to provide world-class information technology solutions that exceed the needs of its customers.

Over the years, Inlaks has built a reputation as the foremost ICT and Infrastructure Solutions Provider, helping customers effectively seize new market and service opportunities. With an impressive customer base that includes several central banks in East and West Africa and other major customers within the region, Inlaks has become the dominant Information Technology Company in Africa.

Inlaks’ customers cut across various segments, including banking, telecommunication, oil/gas, power, utilities and the distribution sectors of the economy.

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