Eleven-Eleven Oceanfront Estate: Redefining Luxury Hospitality and Investment in Ghana


There’s something special about oceanfront properties. The view of a breathtaking sunset or sunrise over a blue horizon is uniquely refreshing for the body, mind and soul. It’s no surprise that within the global real estate industry, oceanfront properties rank highest in terms of luxury, demand and price. Indeed, it is the continuous expansion of oceanfront properties that has driven the growth of leisure and tourism related real estate.

Unlike traditional real estate, tourism or leisure real estate is characterized by the promotion of large-scale tourism resources (e.g. beaches, resorts and cultural destinations) along with residential properties. This unique combination reflects the observation that leisure and tourism facilities directly influence property value. Previous studies have found that beautiful areas, with natural resources tend to have a positive impact on the price of surrounding properties. Additionally, man made tourism infrastructure, such as resorts and sports facilities, also have positive impacts on the perceptions and demand for property.

Similarly Ghana has emerged as a sought-after destination for leisure and tourism related real estate in Africa. Savvy investors are increasingly looking to buy beach property in Ghana. A quick search through property listings for beach property for sale in Ghana will show diverse options ranging from affordable to luxury. In particular there is an established trend where Foreigners and non-citizens buy beach houses in Ghana to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, natural beauty, and a lower cost of living. The Eleven-Eleven Oceanfront Estate in Gomoa Fetteh, Ghana epitomizes this trend in the property market in Ghana. This world-class 5-star resort, located just 75 minutes from Accra International Airport, is poised to redefine luxury hospitality and investment in the region. With its stunning oceanfront location and innovative ownership model, Eleven-Eleven presents a compelling opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on real estate in Ghana

Unveiling the Oasis:

Eleven-Eleven represents the collaborative vision of a team of accomplished individuals—a renowned architect, a seasoned business strategist, and a tastemaker of style and experience. Their collective expertise has given birth to an oasis that captivates the senses. The Eleven-Eleven resort is located in Gomoa East District of the Central Region. With over 170 kilometers of beach front, the surrounding district has a number of vacation ready villages with a bevy of activities and attractions to enjoy. In particular, the Eleven-Eleven resort offers guests an escape through its pristine environment, exceptional design, and world-class service. A retreat to Eleven-Eleven offers unparalleled tranquility and a gateway to positive energy, purpose, excitement, and creativity.

Luxurious Accommodations and Amenities:

The development at Eleven-Eleven is a ground-up masterpiece, comprising 54 units with a total of 71 bedrooms. The resort offers a diverse range of options, including 42 one-bedroom studios, 9 two-bedroom oceanfront villas spread across two floors, and 3 penthouse suites. The estate also boasts an array of amenities, such as two restaurants, a banquet hall, a conference room, a spa, a gym, and several swimming pools. Construction began in May 2022, and the resort is expected to open its doors to guests in 2024.

The Concept of Ownership:

What sets Eleven-Eleven apart is its unique ownership model. Each of the 54 carefully selected investors becomes a hotelier, owning a unit in this luxurious resort. Owners have the flexibility to reside in their units or generate income by renting them out as part of the resort’s residential offering. The management company ensures professional management and rental services, allowing owners to collect predictable income even when they are not occupying their units. Assuming a modest Average Daily Rate ADR and occupancy, all units will earn north of 35% return and generate enough income to pay back the original price within 3 years.

Excellence in Service:

Eleven-Eleven aspires to redefine service excellence standards in Ghana through its meticulously designed customer service model. Combining the best practices and systems of global chains with local expertise and the founders’ vision, the resort will provide consistent and memorable experiences for guests. The carefully recruited and well-trained staff will follow a proven operations blueprint, leveraging technology to deliver exceptional service. This dedication to service excellence will create a favorable environment for both guests and investors alike.

The Ultimate Destination:

The oceanfront Resort aims to position itself as the ultimate destination for various clientele. Global tourists seeking tranquility and world-class customer experiences will find solace and relaxation at Eleven-Eleven. The resort also caters to couples looking for an idyllic beach wedding destination, providing unforgettable experiences for the couple and their loved ones. Furthermore, institutions and corporations can benefit from the resort’s serene atmosphere for strategic planning, conferences, and other events. By diversifying its target markets, Eleven-Eleven ensures high occupancy rates and attracts hard-currency prices, offering lucrative returns for investors.

Investment Potential and Sustainability:

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Eleven-Eleven offers uniquely significant advantages in Ghana’s thriving hospitality sector. The projected returns and quick payback period make it an attractive proposition even under adverse conditions. Investors can enjoy a steady source of consistent passive income for life while having the flexibility to exit their stake for liquidity at any time. Furthermore, Eleven-Eleven is committed to sustainability and local empowerment. The resort aims to serve as a role model for environmental, social, and governance ESG practices by exploring clean power options and supporting community initiatives, such as adopting a local orphanage and allocating a percentage of profits to its financial support.

The Eleven-Eleven Oceanfront Estate represents a remarkable opportunity to invest in Ghana’s flourishing growth. Its luxurious accommodations, exceptional amenities, innovative ownership model, and commitment to sustainability position it as a game-changer in the market. Furthermore, with its captivating oceanfront environment and potential for attractive returns, Eleven-Eleven stands as a beacon of opportunity for investors looking to embrace the charm and potential of Ghana’s residential tourism.

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