Zenith Bank shines bright – a double triumph at 2023 Global Brand Awards


In a world where trust, reliability, and customer-centricity are the pillars of success in the banking industry, Zenith Bank stands tall as a beacon of excellence. The Bank’s recent recognition at the 2023 Global Brand Awards as the Best Corporate Governance Company and the Best Retail Bank for Customer Service is evidence of its unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction.

Exceptional Corporate Governance

At the heart of Zenith Bank’s remarkable success is its governance structure. The Bank’s Board of Directors comprisesof individuals with diverse skills and expertise, extensive knowledge in various fields of discipline and independence. This ensures a well-rounded approach to decision-making, safeguarding the interests of both shareholders and customers.

Transparency and disclosure are also cornerstones of the Bank’s operations. Zenith Bank consistently provides clear and comprehensive information about its financial performance, risk management strategies and governance structure. This transparency builds trust and confidence among stakeholders.

Ethical behaviour is woven into the fabric of the Bank’s culture. With a well-defined code of ethics and conduct, employees, board members, and executives adhere to high ethical standards, fostering a workplace that values integrity and fairness.

Beyond its provision of financial services, Zenith Bank is deeply committed to the communities it serves. Through various community engagement initiatives, the Bank showcases its dedication to the well-being of the people in the localities in which it operates, emphasizing that it’s not just about profit but about making a positive impact.

Outstanding customer service

Zenith Bank has redefined what it means to provide exceptional customer service. The Bank consistently exceeds customer expectations, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Here’s how the Bank achieves this:

Innovative Solutions: The Bank introduces innovative solutions and technologies that enhance the customer experience. From user-friendly mobile apps to online tools and interactive educational resources, Zenith Bank is at the forefront of technological advancement in banking.
Accessible Multichannel Support: In addition to in-person interactions and in-branch feedback mechanisms, Zenith Bank provides accessible customer support through the Bank’s 24hr Customer Contact Centre – Zenith Direct, which enables customers to engage the Bank via phone calls, live chat, email, and social media for assistance and resolution of challenges.
Personalization: Zenith Bank delivers personalized experiences that cater to individual customer needs, preferences, and financial goals. Customers feel valued, knowing that their unique circumstances are understood and appreciated.
Recognition and Awards: Zenith Bank has receivednumerous local and international recognition, awards, and accolades for its outstanding customer service practices from reputable industry organizations and publications. This speaks volumes about the bank’s dedication to putting customers first.

Connecting excellence to performance

Zenith Bank’s sterling financial performance in the Second Quarter of the year complements its recognition at the Global Brand Awards.

In the first half of 2023, Zenith Bank achieved exceptional results driven by strategic initiatives. The bank’s profit before tax doubled to GH¢493.7 million, reflecting the bank’s strategic vision and customer-centric approach. After taxes, profit soared to GH¢434.3 million, with earnings per share at GH¢0.11. The Bank’s financial position remained robust, with total assets growing to GH¢11.5 billion, and customer deposits increasing by 39 percent. Zenith Bank also maintained a strong capital adequacy ratio of 26.10%, above the 10 percent regulatory limit and industry average of 14.3 percent as at June 2023.

The Bank’s commitment to excellence in corporate governance and customer service directly translates into impressive financial results. By fostering transparency, ethical behaviour, community engagement, and innovative solutions, amongst others, Zenith Bank creates a conducive environment for growth and prosperity.

More honors in the trophy case

The Global Brand Awards are just the latest additions to Zenith Bank’s impressive collection of accolades. In 2023 alone, the bank has also been honoured with the Best Banking Group 2023 award by World Finance, the Financial Institution of the Year award at the Ghana-West Africa Business Excellence Awards, Banking Brand of the Year award at the Ghana Corporate Brands Awards, 5-Stars in Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Business Banking as well as Consumer Banking at the 2023 Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIMG) Ghana  awards among others.

Additionally, the Bank’s MD/CEO, Mr. Henry Chinedu Onwuzurigbo, received the Outstanding Private Sector Leadership Personality of the Year (Finance) award at the 2023 Ghana Corporate Brands Awards.

Zenith Bank’s achievements underscore its commitment to excellence, setting a shining example for the banking industry both in Ghana and on the global stage. As the Bank continues to innovate, serve its customers, and uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, its future is undoubtedly as bright as itsrecent accolades suggest. Zenith Bank is not just a bank; it is a trusted partner in financial success.

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